Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Funny thing has just happened... Each few days I'm cleaning Lilly's nests. Both of them. I ensure there's no rotten food left and wash the transparent bulbs thoroughly. Due to the Christmas time (like most of women I was trapped in the kitchen) I didn't do it in the end of December. It's Lilly who did this for me:


She draged out the whole of her cotton bedding and old seeds, leaving a few fresh ones. I think she got used to our every-few-days-cleaning schedule so much that she simply couldn't wait for another one. It prooves how neat she is.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


So it has begun. Dashing through the stores in searching for presents and ingredients is (almost) over. Here and there you can see colourful lights glittering on christmas trees and it actually starts to feel like the real Christmas.

Although there's no snow this year and God only knows how Santa is going to drive his sleight. So Lilly and I, with a little help from our dear friend Karina, decided to give you a present on our own. Here it is: beautifuly sang by Karina.


Lilly was very good girl in this first year of her fluffy life so Santa brought her a present: underneath the Christmas Tree we've found a little blue ball with a hole where you can put some dry treats. To get to them Lilly must roll the ball.

It's not as simple as it may seem to be. By now Lilly's learnt that the only way of getting to the food is this little hole through which you can't squeeze your head in. But still she's having problems with understanding how gravity works ;-)))

Saturday, 10 December 2011


My little girl is a grown up now. Yeah, that's right. Hard to believe but this magic moment came and became a fact. I can tell by her looks and behaviour.

Much has changed: she doesn't party so often. Doesn't swing in her hamster wheel with her imaginary friend... Doesn't chase her own shadow anymore...
What she does is scratching at my cabinet door, where I keep my old stuff for studying: books, notes, notebooks... She mades me open it and take it all out so that she could skip through it freely. As you can see at the neighbouring picture, she's got that special something for art. Considering she's been lately jealous of the painting I'm working on, I think she might be a quite good artist. Just imagine: hamster art ;-) Now that would be something! I know of a few people who paint hamsters but never have heard of a hamster painter. And I'm quite sure Lilly would be able to hold some mini-pencil or crayon, or maybe even a brush to paint with in her tiny little human-like fingers ;-) Sometimes I watch her and wonder what's actually happening in this little head of her... Does she dream of her favourite treat...? Does she dream at all...? Okay, maybe I've just exaggerated...

Monday, 5 December 2011


I must admit that my sirian hamster girl is not - well, let's say - bravehearted. When something happenes, she flees faster than a lightening to the nearest hideout. Than, eventually, from there she sniffs curiously checking what's up.

This movie pictures perfectly Lilly's character: she may be intrigued but never she will rush towards even most exciting scents unless she double checks she's safe always gazing at me, whether I'm there or not... to serve and protect ;---)

Wednesday, 30 November 2011


So! You own a hamster and you love each other. Cool, but it has just turned out that you have to go on a journey. And now what? Who's gonna take care of your little furry friend...? Not always there's some realtive, friend or helpful naighbour to be around your stuff. In one of so called 'wise' books I've read that one can leave a hamster alone in it's cage for up to two weeks (?!). That's rubbish! Despite of lack of water and fresh food every animal would get crazy of loneliness and boredom. On the other hand any travelling barely makes sense with a traveller constantly worring: Won't my hammie miss me, won't it get hurt while I'm away...? Well, there is one solution although it needs some preparation: to take your hammie with you. This simple idea came to me when we (my husband and I) faced one week november vacation. I just couldn't abandon Lilly for over seven days so the decision was made very quickly: she's comming with us. Of course it needed some special actions but we were determined to take them. Below's the complete story including things that need to be taken care of considering travelling by car. I hope you will find it helpful.

First of all we had to make sure that our hamster will be welcomed in the destination.
Not everywhere you can find
some quiet, warm place avalible to put the whole cage in and not everyone would be pleased with such a visitor. Fortunately my parents love animals and have an apartament big enough to consist them, my mom's dog Snoopy, us and Lilly. So we all felt invited. The second issue was buying a proper transporter - not too small, not too big, well ventilated and plastic so that Lilly couldn't chew it up ;-) Some say that keeping a hamster in it's cage while travelling is a good idea but I think this may work only when the cage is tiny. In a huge cage, like Lilly's, a hammie could hurt itself while braking down or turning (not mentioning road accident - God forbid!). The transporter had to be introduced to Lilly. We started few weeks before the journey, giving her time to get used to it so that she wouldn't get scared being closed in it for almost three hours. Travelling itself is new and quite stresfull situation for such a little animal. Next we made sure we're taking all of her favourite stuff including the cage. We understood it's essential for Lil' Lilly to have things she knows well around while staying in a completely strange place, far away from home. When the great day came we were ready and well organized: first we packed up our stuff and than focused on Lilly to make the whole operation as little stressful as possible.
Right before the travel I dismantled the cage preparing it for transport and also put a part of Lilly's bedding cotton and grain from her nest into the transporter so that she had her scent along and felt comfortably while staying inside. What's most important we warmed up the car previously - it's essential when it's cold outside so that a hammie won't get cold. Last thing to do was to put Lilly into the transporter, get into the car and set off. The road was long, about 260 km/3 hours without any stops but Lilly was very good girl. For all the time I was keeping her transporter in my laps. Remember! It's crucial not to take your hammie out of the transporter during the travel as it may flee and scare or/and annoy the driver or/and hurt itself! In our case there was no such need anyway. Lilly stayed calm. Only at the begining she curiously sniffed through the transporter's holes but when she realized I was around she rolled into a furball and slept. So the travel itself turned to not be an issue at all. You can read many articles and book chapters about travelling with hamsters but so far I've found none talking about STAYING with a hamster in a new, strange place. And that's what turned out to be the real problem. Not for us or our family, or even Snoopy The Dog. But for Lilly herself. As long as she remained inside of the transporter everything went peachy but when I opened it at my parents' and Lilly realised it was not her home, despite of all our preparations and trying she became shocked and stayed like this for the rest of the week. It was like someone put bad spell on her. Never before I saw her like this and hope never will again: she was petryfied. Big eyes, ears low, paws stiffed. Barely she moved, even though I quickly put her into her very own cage kept in quiet, cosy place in my old bedroom. Barely she drank, barely she ate. If it wasn't for me she would not go out from her cage tubes at all, sitting in the part she escapes to when she's most scared. It was heartbreaking to watch. I felt like crying. At some point I even wanted to take her to the vet, not having a clue what's happening. But when I dismanteled the tubes and took her out I realised that in my arms she was different: vivid and self confident again, eager to explore, sniffing curiously around like she used to do in our home. So I made sure she wasn't ill. She was just totaly unsure of this new place and with me she felt safe again. My friend who is a psychologist explained that to me: it turns out that all rodents seem to have highly specialized groups of cells in their brains - one group always takes care of one interior only. It's like they created maps of the territory and if a hammie is old or less flexible, may need much more time to create such a new map, or even won't be able to create it at all (!). And that's what happened to Lilly - she was extremaly unhappy, because she luck the map of the new, strange place. She's almost a year old now, poor thing. Maybe her brain cells are not as fast as they were before, when I brought her home... It's possible. The returning was easy. We only had to repeat the whole procedure backwords. No problem with Lilly staying in the transporter at all. As soon as we stepped through the door she knew perfectly well that it was home and she couldn't wait to get out of the transporter. And while I let her go, to run freely in her room and hide inside her favourite wardrobe, suddenly she was herself again, as if my dear little Lilly came back to me at last. Well, that's it. That was our great adventure. And this is something to remember: if your hammie acts strange in a new place, don't panic. Everything's gonna be allright. It may just take some time to create a new map.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


It's been some time since our last YT movie so this time I wanna give you something special. I kept on promising myself that this is hamster-only channel but I could not resist when saw this chubby-fluffy-puffy fur ball in our yard...

Isn't it gorgeous? The cutest thing. Oh yeah, Lilly has every reason to be jealous ;-) From what I've heard this kitty is a proper, serious Mr. Cat nowadays. And to come to think that this video was shot only three months ago. Time flies...

Thursday, 20 October 2011


In 3 City trees turned to all shades of yellow, brown and red and you could swear you feel winter coming in the air. The sun shines but the wind is cold...
Our small apartment in a regular block of flats has always been warm an cosy but I think Lilly suspects something: she comes out of the tubes unwillingly, less often, and when she does she's hoarding quickly, compulsively as if she was running out of time. I think she KNOWS. Deep in her sweet heart she feels the season's changing and she became sleepy, dizzy. All of those 'igloos' she's started to build in her nests are real construction wonders. Lilly hides inside and barely shows herself outside, not even her pink nose can be seen. Sometimes it feels like I don't have a hamster.
All I can do is watch the cotton burrow moves up and down as Lilly's breathing. When she finally finds her way into my arms I can tell she's different: even more delicate, sensitive and fragile. Nowadays she obviously prefers stroking to playing like crazy and as I'm holding her in my hands sometimes I'm affraid she may hibernate herself for good. But more over she's being so cute and good I almost can not stand it, like my heart was about to explode. So each night, before sleep, my little precious is getting hundreds of kisses and a lullaby and sometimes Lilly lickes my chick in return.

Monday, 10 October 2011


I've been thinking for a while, since Lilly's dreadful night accident... Watching her I realised my little girl is not such little anymore. She grew up and now acts like an adult hamster: constructing amazing igloos with her cotton bedding, managing her pantry with cool precision and constant attention or collecting tones of food which won't go in the transparent bulb where she's got her nest.


The grain fell down to the tubes and outside making Lilly angry and driving me crazy. Honestly, one tube corridor and a nest...? It's too little for a grown up, self confident hammie! The situation needed some proper action so we took it.


The cage system I've already had for Lilly is great but - unfortunately - it doesn't provide for build-up expansions. For what I was planning to do I needed three times as many tubes (at least) so I hit the net, picked up another, larger kit and bought a second, fully equiped cage. The seller was so kind to add some free extra tubes and other stuff. When I put it all together the result went over my expectations. This summer we said goodbye to the old burrow...

...and welcomed the new one:


That's right: many, MANY more tubes, much MUCH longer tunnels and TWO nesting bulbs. Lilly couldn't wait to get inside, helping me with the constructions. She's totaly happy with the changes. And guess what: both of the bulbs have been already filled in! For those who doubt that a hammie is able to climb such a high vertical tunnel I have a news update: Lilly and I were testing this configuration before and... no trouble with getting to the top at all.


Thursday, 6 October 2011


They say one picture is worth a thousand words. So today I'll let the pictures tell the story of my sweet little girl. They were shot occasionally through the times we've been together. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:  100% of Lil' Lilly!


As you can see, Lilly is having the time of her life. Well, there's much more in it, of course, but we don't wanna show all at the same time. The mystery must remain, if you know what I mean... That's how the legends come up to live ;-)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


This movie was shot on the ruins of the terminated lime. Lilly was so excited with her victory that she didn't know what to do with herself and she started to freak out. She sucked to the cage wires and tried some gimnastic evolutions :-)

I was bursting my sides with laughter when she actually tried to take off with those fluffy legs trotting in the air. Eventually she ended upside down with her nose white and you can call me a pink unicorn if it isn't worth of olimpic gold!

Monday, 12 September 2011


After the night accident I kept my eye not only on the nasty, deceitful tubes but also on Lilly to assure that she wasn't harmed. Medically she was completely fine. She acted as usual with one exception: my little good girl has gone wild...


It took her only one night to crush the lime into pieces. She did it on purpose, with rage and didn't want to stop even when she was offered her favourite treat. All I could do was step aside and helplessly watch the whole act of desctruction but she wasn't done until the lime turned into bunch of crumbles.


When the whole lime was annihilated Mr. Hyde was gone and Lilly calmed down. I gave her another one and she treated it kindly, like she always used to do. Never again I saw her so frustrated and angry. But she made me thinking...

Friday, 9 September 2011


One night I was staying at home alone. In the evening, for a while Lilly played with me and then we both layed down, tired but happy. I was in the middle of a dream when sudden, loud, terrible rumble woke me up. I jumped out of my bed and rushed to the neighbouring room, where the cage stands, because the first tought was that it fell down from the shelf with Lilly inside. Half lucid, I switched on the light and saw that there are some broken parts of the cage tubes laying on the carpet. The cage itself stood intact on the shelf, but it was...
EMPTY !!! Lilly was gone and I was petrified, 'cause for one second in my mind I saw all the worst possibilities includig her being dead or wounded, jumping throught the open window and so on. Next second I put myself together and started to call her, as gently and sweetly as I could, waiting for the slightest signs of her presence. In vain. I was about to breakdown and cry, when finally I saw her: she was sitting ON the cage, outside, hidden behind this huge greenish bulb which is her nest. Quiet as a mouse and completely silent but - thanks to God - unharmed. She must have been SO scared and confused, my little poor thing, you should have seen her back then! I took her in my arms and huged her tight. I hold her for a long time that night. She even got an additional peanut before her sleep, to ease her (and mine) fears. Eventually, I repaired the broken tubes so that they were safe for her this time, but even now I have completely no idea, how this could happen. Maybe she tried to dig through the tubes and pushed one out, or maybe one of the tubes was loose... I'm affraid we'll never know, but I'm gonna watch those tubes closely now (!)

Friday, 2 September 2011


...Whack for my daddy-o, whack for my daddy-o, there's... Lilly in the jar-o... Musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-da...! :-) But how did she get in there...? And how is she gonna get out...? Well, it's not a problem . She's very clever, after all.
Generally hamsters are much more flexible and snoopy than you could suspect judging by their  round and fluffy looks. Imagine Lilly standing on her back paws, reaching  for some delicacy (almost like Superman, hahaha) up, up and away! and even higher with her curious nose and impatient little fingers. At some point she starts to look like a miniature badgerdog without a tail. Every time you think she reached the limit of her flexibility, she stretches even longer just to get what she wants. But it has to be a damn good reason for her to try. She won't work out for nothing, you know. Usually a jar filled with something smelly and tasty will do. I happen to keep her food in one of those usefull glass things so she guickly got familiar with it's  secrets...
... Whack for my daddy-o, whack for my daddy-o, there's... Lilly in the jar-o... Musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-da...! :-) What...? What does J. Hetfield  with Mettalica sing in that song...? What for...? What for my Lilly-o is in the jar-o...?
Awww, that's plain like her clean, beautifully groomed fur: she's after some treat I hid inside (nasty me) instead of giving it directly to her mouth. So she's angry, feels offended and hurt, but - why not? - gladly uses my hand if I lend her one, just to get higher, where the jar stands smelling so promisingly and tempting. Okay, so  there she is, with a little help from her two legged friends. And now what...? What's next...? Well, you have to get from the outside to the inside which means you: dive, dive  hard onto the rough surface of grain mixture, so soft and desired... You're about to feed when suddenly the food starts to move, actually it moves as if it came to life: seeds run from beneath your feet and you - poor little (too heavy) hammie - experiences the quick sand effect sinking, desperately sinking in the dry sea of non-consumed flavours. It's high time to run away so Lilly takes to her legs and flees. Hah! Easy to say hard to do... The jar is made of glass, it's walls are high and slippy...
Little legs are hanging in the air, waving one by one, while little hands are trying to pull the rest of Lilly over the jar's edge. And there's much to be pulled, if you know what I mean. She's not a feather although weights only (?) 183 g. 'It is the FUR, you moron, what's so heavy!' she'd claim but who would ever believe a hammie...? Anyway, somehow she always manages to get out of any kind of a hole, jar, mug, glass, whatever. Sometimes it costs her much effort (you can tell by the looks of her face) but I'm always around in case she realy needed me. But, to be honest, never she was in need. I'm helping her more of my own boredom than of her need. Lilly is an independent young lady, very smart and very resourceful. Trouble loves her but not on mutual terms, I'd say. So! We climbed the highest jar-o, bathed in the food and succesully escaped (luckily with some grain hoarded in the pouches). Now you know what for there's Lilly in the jar-o so we all can whack for my daddy-o! :-)

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Sometimes I think Lilly  might be german. She's got this thing for organizing her stuff which makes her being pedantic. And there's usually one and the same routine in her day schedule: first of all - grooming. Than cleaning up the nest with the tubes (this seed here, that seed there). When she finally walks out of the pipes, she must groom herself once again before she drinks and runs in her spinning wheel for a while. Only than she may want to go out to play with you outside but if she has a bad day she may not be in the mood, as well.

On that occasion she will stay in the cage, hoarding her treats and digging out the corners. After all, when she's tired and/or bored, she finally waves goodbye and goes to sleep. Well, sometimes she also doesn't behave and gnaws on the cage bars instead of sleeping like an angel, but this is completely another story.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Memories, sweet memories... Look what I’ve found while cleaning up my room:
This is the receipt I got from the pet store in exchange for Lilly. It’s quite fatigued by now, I know, but it says that they sold me 'chomik syryjski 1.000 szt.' Literally it means '1.000 syrian hamsters' (LOL) but of course I bought only one. Lilly costed 15,38 PLN (about 5.30 USD, 3.66 EUR, 3.30 GBP). I don’t know whether she was expensive in comparison to hammies from the other countries. Anyway, that’s it. That’s all I’ve got from the seller; no lineage, no health book. I’ll never know whether Lilly was inoculated or not. And I have to mention that in my country pet stores are the most reliable places for purchasing a pet so you can imagine what happens somewhere else. That’s what it looks like in Poland. Sad, isn’t it…? I don’t know why those few hamster breedings which existed few years ago suddenly stopped their activity. We don’t even have a proper national hamster club now so no chance for a pedigree hamster in here, I suppose.  And it could have been so beautiful... Pity.

Monday, 22 August 2011


I believe all hammies are partial to deep black holes. If they find one, they can’t prevent themselves from trying to get into it. Lilly is no different. Being aware of her weakness I keep her away from dark places. Usually I succeed. Usually, ‘cause no matter how hard you try, there is always some forgotten spot in your house you overlooked. One day I decided to show Lilly ‘the big world’ and let her play freely in the living room (which is connected to the kitchen) instead of keeping her closed in my study. Of course, before letting her out, I checked twice whether the space is safe for her or not closing windows, hiding electric cables and securing entries to the behind  of the pieces of furniture. Lilly was delighted with the new area: she was running happily, smelling unknown things and feeling different textures under her little feet. Most of the time she spent sniffing by the kitchen counter, on pleasantly cool tiles. At some point I started to wonder what actually caught her attention but when I got closer it was too late. All I could do was to observe this little furry swashbuckler disappearing piece by piece under the dishwasher and it looked just like this:

How could I forget that my husband had the wooden closet cut so that the dishwasher door opened and closed properly…?! I ducked onto the floor to see this huge horizontal hole and no sign of Lilly. I lured her with my voice but she didn’t show up and in my mind I saw her: smashed, crushed, broken, cut into pieces, stuck in the mechanism and starving to death. Trying not to panic, I took a piece of beautifully smelling cheese and put it outside the hole. Lilly didn’t come out, but I heard loud scratching under the far side of the counter. I rushed and quickly dismantled fridge’s wooden wall just in time to see my sweetie proudly trotting right into my hands. She was covered with dust and warm of the refrigerator heater, but - luckily - safe and sound. She got the cheese (the whole piece) and got back to her cage as if nothing had happened.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


We've made a few interesting acquaintances since we started blogging and streaming on You Tube. First of all there is - of course - indispensable Nadia Vella from her world wide Hamster Club. Than you have this wonderful person Holly with her Dashing Hamsters Blog, where she shares her (very impressive and helpful) knowledge. At last (but not least) there are many, many friendly people with their hammies, like german Abgekippt who teaches creativity and builds amazing habitats for his dwarf hamsters.  This video below was made for his furry crew and is specially dedicated to his sweet, little Theresa (R.I.P.).

It is said that there are some 'cat' and 'dog people', two extremely differend kinds of person, but I think there is also the third kind - somewhere in between - which you should call 'hamster people': all nice, open, simply enjoying life pet owners could count themselves in. I feel like one of that kind. Would you...? :-)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


No pictures this time. The story is quite dreadful, so let me spare you the view. The thing is… Lilly bit me (!!!). And it was MY fault. It happened only once, while cleaning her pee-pee which she leaves in one of the plastic cage tubes, near her nest. The most convenient (but also time - consuming) way of getting rid of the imbrue is to dismantle the pipes. Usually I do this and take them to the sink, to wash them completely, but this time I was lazy and had this stupid idea to give them just a wipe. So I put my hand with some toilet paper into the tubes, as far as I could, reaching even higher with my fingers. Well, I saw Lilly (half buried in her bedding) became alert but ignored her (silly me). I was rubbing the pipes clean, when - in a blink of an eye - Lilly jumped and (OUCH!!!) nibbled at my fingertip with her strong, sharp teeth. Man, she did scare me… But she looked much more scared and embarrassed than me, poor thing. She was sleepy and must have mistaken me to some threat. Or maybe a TREAT. Whatever. It didn’t hurt much, so I think she withdrew once she realized it’s MY finger she’s consuming (ups!). Anyway, I’m sorry for being so lazy and clumsy. Lilly tasted human flesh, after all. Luckily, she didn’t like it. Phew…!

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, I have to announce, that our sweet Lil’ Lilly has gone mad. That’s right. She reached this turning point in her life when one gets strange fixations (some people call it ‘maturity’) and became obsessed with… 
digging in the corners. It doesn’t matter what corner or where it’s located. All of them need to be dug away. It started from the inner corners of her cage: the litter flew all over the place while she was trying to make a hole in the plastic bottom. Well, after all it’s her apartment, so I didn’t intervene. And that was a huge mistake (!) because next in the queue were the four corners of… my room: two on the both sides of the door and two under the desk (including one behind the desk counter, which is the most desired due to it’s difficult accessibility). Sounds funny, hah…? But, it’s not...! We’ve got a new fitted carpet, imagine it’s soft and fluffy,
and this little furry monster (which I love and wouldn’t exchange for all Persian carpets of the world, by the way) runs to such a corner, digs her feet into the ground and starts: scratching, biting, tearing off the thread. From MY beautiful carpet! :-/ She does it passionately and never gets bored. The worst (or maybe the best rather) thing is she’s very clever. She knows well that it drives me crazy and that it’s the only thing she’s not allowed to do during her free running, so - as she’s dashing towards the corner - she gazes over her shoulder, checking whether I’m watching or not. If I am, she passes the corner and trots ahead like nothing (!) 
happened, but if I’m busy and/or looking in the other direction, she sucks to the carpet and won’t let go till I come and (gently) pull her away by her back legs. Phew…! Few minutes pass and everything repeats. On and on. I tried almost everything: spraying the corners with lemon juice, securing them with an old towel (Lilly bit a hole in it) or blocking them up with something. Nothing worked. Anyway, I had to help myself somehow, so eventually I made a coop for her and now she’s sightseeing it from the inside each time she’s extremely naughty. You think her precious head is too little to understand? Hah! You would be surprised how well she knows she did something wrong. It's written all over her penitent face. I am the boss, I am the owner. And I own them both: the hammie and the carpet :---) 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


There you are! The only opportunity to see Lilly befriending with the sheep is to watch this video. To be honest, it's one of my favourites, because it shows her gentle nature and delicacy. She's not like WOW, FRESH GRASS! LET'S RUN IN CIRCLES AND MAKE SOME NOISE! My Lilly is delicate like a flower herself.

Sometimes she may seem to be a bit shy but I can tell she trusts me by the way she walks onto my palm and looks at me; always with hope and curiosity as if she was saying:  I know something good awaits me every time I am with you.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


July is very special to me. I’ve got my birthday and name-day in this warm, sunny,  cheerful month. This year also Lil' Lilly turned ‘half-a-year’ in July, so we both celebrated and my beloved husband (the best friend in the whole world who knows me better than myself) made my wishes came through by giving me this absolutely unique, more than beautiful and most dear to me gift:
!!! THE HAMSTER MUG !!! :-)))

The mug embellished with our WANTED-LOVED logo with Lilly’s darling fluffy face on it. Isn’t it gorgeous? I totally love it and I'm extremely happy I’ve got it. 


Monday, 11 July 2011


Remember what I told you about Lilly and the Deadly Peanut...? How scared she was while having her first one...? Well, now I wanna show you how she manages them nowadays. She's brave, precise and insatiable. No forgiveness. She won't let go till all of them are gone. Here's the irrefutable proof to watch:

Hah! See...? I've trained her well...! :-) Think that's the reason to be proud of  myself and my little furry ball. Now there are many new food pieces we're trying from time to time and never she panics. And I just love when she stands on my hand with her soft, warm little paws and tickels me with her whiskers while eating. There's only one unbreakable rule: I NEVER give her ANY processed human food (little pieces of boiled egg and cheese are the rare exception). I believe that's the way of keeping  your hammie in good condition.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Summer came and stayed for good. The smell is insane - Lilly stands on her feet and sniffs the sunshine sinking inside through the half opened window, dreaming of fresh grass, green trees and colorful flowers. She's getting snoopy.
The temperatures got high so I considered taking her outside, on the fresh juicy grass, but few people I talked to about it advised me against this idea. Why? Because of the chemicals in fertilizers and insecticides used to tend the city green. And the cats/dogs/birds poops on the mown. They all can cause serious health disorder to such a small creature like hammie. Unfortunately, we don’t own any garden so I had to improvise. Early spring I took my old plastic flower-pots and sowed some seeds in them: two sorts of parsley with dill and basil but most of all grass with night-scented stock, especially for Lil' Lilly so that she could smell some lovely smelling flowers being active in the
evening. For almost two months the pots were staying in sunshine, at the balcony, where I took good care of the plants watering them every day, talking to them, and watching them grow. Eventually they all got green, juicy and fragrant, especially the grass, so it was time to introduce Lilly to Mother Nature. Lilly haven’t seen any pot before, so I had to help her get inside, but once she managed, she was completely stunned by the smell and texture of young grass. And when she started exploring, chewing sweet blades and biting stock’s leaves, she didn’t want to get out. To me she realy looked perfectly happy. Seeing her like this is the  best
reward for weeks of playing a gardener. Well, it led me to some interesting observation, either. For example: did you know that hammies (pretty like dogs and cats) can gain some additional vitamins from the grass...? So if your little furry friend is sucking fresh, juicy blades  don't worry - it's not turning into Dolly the sheep :-) It's only balancing it's diet. On the other hand you have to be careful: it is said that too much of fresh, green food can cause a hamster stomach problems.  Personally I think that hammies - like all of the animals - have brains on their own and know best what's good and what's bad for them. It's quite intuitive, you know... So feel free to sow and remember: If you wanna make your hammie indecently happy you  have to get DIRTY ! :-)))

Friday, 10 June 2011


When you're feeling down, there's nothing more cheerful than something we call 'Therapeutic Hammie Stroking'. It engages and serves both: the hamster and the owner and is the best way of returning colors to the sad, faded world.

Lilly had one of 'those days' back then, so she needed it as much as I did. She didn't want to run or play. The only things she was longing for were: hugging, stroking and kissing. When she wants it, she climbs my legs and hands to get my undivided attention. I never refuse. Sometimes it seems like she could lay in my arms for hours while being petted. These are the most precious moments.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


If you asked Lilly about her favorite snack, without hesitation she’d say: PEANUTS. It’s guaranteed. When she smells them, rushes down the tubes in a hurry (not Potter ;-)) with busy nose and hungry eyes. If I happen to crunch one nearby, she goes crazy and throws herself on the cage bars, begging for a bite. She stuffs all: the nut, it’s peel and the shell, which she uses for her nest.
If it comes to peanuts Lilly is an expert, although - funny thing - she never opens them herself. It’s my job. She can’t or is too lazy to do that. Well, this is how she feels nowadays. But it was not always like this. Her first time with the peanut (which is a kind of bean, actually) was… let’s say… not nice and it went like this:  Lilly is my first hammie. I never had one before and sometimes I’m being too protective. For a long time I kept her in almost sterile cage and fed her only with the seeds and washed, peeled fruits and vegetables. We had to change it. So one day, while Lilly was having her daily noon snack, I gave her a peanut. A common, middle sized  (cleaned ;-)))  peanut with a crunchy shell.  She was very curious:  smelled it,
sniffing, few times touched it with her nose and must have like it, ‘cause - not thinking any longer - stuffed the whole of it in her mouth and rushed upstairs, to hide the precious in her nest. Well, that ‘nest’ is transparent, so I witnessed what took place next. Lilly placed the peanut onto the cotton bedding, proud and happy. Then watched it for a while, approached it and touched it with her nose once again, and… She jumped up, suddenly, scared to death by something completely unknown to me, trembling all over her body. She tried it once more and jumped again, petrified. She run away from this ‘dreadful’ peanut, avoiding even looking at it. Not standing it any longer, she LEFT HER NEST (!!!) with the peanut inside, and came to me,
poor homeless thing, for a hug. It took a while to ease her fears (some pieces of fresh, juicy grapes helped a lot) and to me it became obvious that the peanut can’t stay. I removed it quickly and only then Lilly agreed to come back upstairs. Imagine, how disturbed she must have been. Even now I have no idea what happened between them back then. Did she smell something…? Or maybe heard the nut rattling inside it’s shell…? We’ll never know. Next day I tried to give her peanuts once again outside the cage and showed her how to crush them and how tasty they are. It was not a problem any more. It never happened again. Eventually, Lilly loved peanuts (the pictures prooves that) as much as she was afraid of them in the beginning.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Our second online production inspired partly by Star Wars, partly by Riddick, Prisoner Break and other action movies. Lilly plays there a nasty but honorable character called Lee-Lee Hamstaff (yup, the connotation to the sever dog race is intended) who puts vengeance to the universe. Guest starring Nicolas Cage.

Personally I love Vegan Broccoli's acting, so vivid and emotional. But my favourite part is when Lee-Lee ignores the scenario and improvises with the parsley playing background flowers. In my opinion it's her life role. A must see.