Tuesday, 26 April 2011


It is said that hamsters (especially sirian) are easy to tame. It takes aproximately two weeks, they say.  Hahaha, very funny... Not true. Each and every single hammie is unique, with it's own personality, habits and needs. 
In Lilly's case two weeks of daily treatment passed and yes, she was eating from my hand (probably because it scared her less than anything else in her cage), so if you call it "being tamed" you might say she was already tamed at the time. Me, however, I truly doubt it. She aproached step by step, very carefully and slowly, with her little paws stiff, tail high and ears low. Means she was still affraid, although she wasn't supposed to be anymore, according to wise books I've read. Even the sound of her footsteps on the sawdust disturbed her. Once she got scared of her own breath, when she happened to take a nap inside her first spinning wheel - she jumped rapidly, poor thing, suddenly awaken and fell out of the wheel before my eyes. Luckily, she didn't hurt herself. Well, let's just say it wasn't easy for her to accomodate. She's very sensitive, you know, but also curious and independent, what makes her simply
irresistible in her cuteness. For some time I thought she didn't like stroking  or that maybe she was even ill, while now I know she just needed more time to get used to her new home. She trusted me unconditionally after about... two MONTHS (!) of getting friendly. I knew it when she left her cage voluntarily for the first time, which was the breakthrough. It was quite funny, 'cause she kept on going out and in many times till she was convinced that the cage (especially her dearest pipes) won't disappear while she's away. Well, actually they DID disappear for a moment because I had to dismantle them due to cleaning them up, but Lilly never knew. To be honest, it was a drama at the beginning (I mean cleaning those pipes) but it's completely different story (dreadful one) which I'm gonna save for another occasion. Now, if you excuse me... My little girl is standing at the bars with begging eyes, waiting for me to come and play with her :-----)

Sunday, 17 April 2011


It took a while before Lilly got familiar with new neighborhood. Many things surprised her , like the spinning wheel for example (I suppose she had never seen one before) but in time she got used to all those strange-smelling things which one day surrounded her and haven’t vanished even though she stopped believing in them. That’s when she realized it was not a dream. It was reality.
Her life changed for good. Literally. Since then my little girl has started to arrange her place her way. Once my little lazy-bone left the pipes she tried napping under wide platform - in self made pit which she busily dug in the sawdust - but she didn’t like it. I was surprised. I had read about hamster habits and it had been said that they prefer secluded shady hideouts as their dens but obviously my Lilly must be an exception; eventually she came back to her beloved pipes. Especially a huge, transparent bulb caught her fancy. She began eating inside it, grooming inside it and sleeping inside it (fortunately the pee goes somewhere else, phew…!). For some time she’s been actually living there, before our eyes, and it really looks like she found her place in the universe, "flying" her greenish, plastic "spaceship". It's fun to watch her and see how she manages her pantry: sunflower seeds here, wheat seeds there... She's so busy-bee pedantic it makes me laugh. How not to love her...? It's impossible. I've already addicted to her.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


I remember (I always will) like it was yesterday. It was the sixth day of February - sunny and quite warm for a winter - when I got an urgent phone call from previously visited pet shop: the new litter of five baby hamsters arrived! I got there as soon as possible but only three of them were already left: two boys and a girl. The lassie had brownish-and-white spots just like her twin brother, and the other little fellow was pitch black, but she was the one with odd looking round back which drew my attention and really moved me. I was watching them playing all together (half burried in the sawdust and biting themselves for fun) when suddenly one of those furry balls left others and approached me, as if it felt me through the glass. And that was Lilly , of course, being so friendly and shy in her cuteness, that I simply couldn't resist. Love at first sight. The decision was made at once: You're coming with me, little one!

Back then Lil' Lilly was a regular sleepy head. All day long she used to nap in the pipes of her brand new cage which was the only place where she felt safe.  She was less than little. Everything scared her, even the food bowl (she learned to eat from my hand which she prefers even now, as a big independent girl). 
The poor thing was left in absolute peace (no nasty chlidren poking her) and quiet. After all, barely she was going down, that's why we don't have many photos from her early childhood. Still, those few I shot carefully not to disturb her are great keepsake despite their low quality. They all were taken on the second day after her arrival, when she was about four weeks old. Look how tiny she was! Small like a plum, light like a feather and sweet like a candy. You could eat her whole up and lick fingers. See these lovely little feet? From the very beginning she used to use them to clean herself, especially the ears. 
Usually it goes like this: Lilly puts her whole foot into her ear (really deeply) and begins turning her leg - round and round and round - very precisely and carefully. Than, passionately cores the ear till it's completely clean, which - more or less - looks like she was scratching her brain. It's quite creepy, you know, but absolutely essential (I assume) since all hamsters have poor vision. They can not tell the difference  between one colour and another. Seeing only general shapes they base mostly on their hearing and smelling, so if you happen to meet one, let it smell you first and talk to it gently and clearly before you stroke it's cuddly fur. They all are unbelievably fragile.
Back to Lilly, she's always been hygiene amateur keeping her cage and herself almost sterile (well, with a little help from her two-legged friends) and it's one of many reasons  why I'm  proud of  my little  hammie. You must not tell her, but her looks wasn't my favourite at first (silly me). I always preferred satin cream hamsters with shiny hair and lineage, so probably that's why life eventually brought me not an aristocrat, but a non-ordinary commoner to take care of. We were meant to be together. She's already given me so much trust and warm... I believe her little heart is big enough to unconditionally love the whole of me with my whims, faults and drolleries.