Tuesday, 26 April 2011


It is said that hamsters (especially sirian) are easy to tame. It takes aproximately two weeks, they say.  Hahaha, very funny... Not true. Each and every single hammie is unique, with it's own personality, habits and needs. 
In Lilly's case two weeks of daily treatment passed and yes, she was eating from my hand (probably because it scared her less than anything else in her cage), so if you call it "being tamed" you might say she was already tamed at the time. Me, however, I truly doubt it. She aproached step by step, very carefully and slowly, with her little paws stiff, tail high and ears low. Means she was still affraid, although she wasn't supposed to be anymore, according to wise books I've read. Even the sound of her footsteps on the sawdust disturbed her. Once she got scared of her own breath, when she happened to take a nap inside her first spinning wheel - she jumped rapidly, poor thing, suddenly awaken and fell out of the wheel before my eyes. Luckily, she didn't hurt herself. Well, let's just say it wasn't easy for her to accomodate. She's very sensitive, you know, but also curious and independent, what makes her simply
irresistible in her cuteness. For some time I thought she didn't like stroking  or that maybe she was even ill, while now I know she just needed more time to get used to her new home. She trusted me unconditionally after about... two MONTHS (!) of getting friendly. I knew it when she left her cage voluntarily for the first time, which was the breakthrough. It was quite funny, 'cause she kept on going out and in many times till she was convinced that the cage (especially her dearest pipes) won't disappear while she's away. Well, actually they DID disappear for a moment because I had to dismantle them due to cleaning them up, but Lilly never knew. To be honest, it was a drama at the beginning (I mean cleaning those pipes) but it's completely different story (dreadful one) which I'm gonna save for another occasion. Now, if you excuse me... My little girl is standing at the bars with begging eyes, waiting for me to come and play with her :-----)


  1. This reminds me of my previous hamster, Nunnalie. She was so weird, she would sleep in a vertical tube (!) [btw, stole that little trick with the exclamation point there] and when she got sick of that she would sleep in the top compartment of the cage which was a clear pink (much like the flying saucer thing). And then she would switch all over again! lol

  2. When I discovered each and every single hammie has got it's own unique personality I was stunned and charmed. You won't find two the same. BTW: that little trick with the exclamation mark would work even better if you put it right behind the 'vertical' word since that's what you really want to emphasize: it's not important that they were the tubes but that they were VERTICAL ;-)


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