Sunday, 17 April 2011


It took a while before Lilly got familiar with new neighborhood. Many things surprised her , like the spinning wheel for example (I suppose she had never seen one before) but in time she got used to all those strange-smelling things which one day surrounded her and haven’t vanished even though she stopped believing in them. That’s when she realized it was not a dream. It was reality.
Her life changed for good. Literally. Since then my little girl has started to arrange her place her way. Once my little lazy-bone left the pipes she tried napping under wide platform - in self made pit which she busily dug in the sawdust - but she didn’t like it. I was surprised. I had read about hamster habits and it had been said that they prefer secluded shady hideouts as their dens but obviously my Lilly must be an exception; eventually she came back to her beloved pipes. Especially a huge, transparent bulb caught her fancy. She began eating inside it, grooming inside it and sleeping inside it (fortunately the pee goes somewhere else, phew…!). For some time she’s been actually living there, before our eyes, and it really looks like she found her place in the universe, "flying" her greenish, plastic "spaceship". It's fun to watch her and see how she manages her pantry: sunflower seeds here, wheat seeds there... She's so busy-bee pedantic it makes me laugh. How not to love her...? It's impossible. I've already addicted to her.

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