Thursday, 26 May 2011


I’ve barely slept in days ‘cause Lilly wakes up around 9 PM and stays awake till about… 1 AM, demanding constant attention. She became quite possessive, you know. I have to come and carry her in my arms, otherwise she bites the bars.
This little gnome does it with such a feeling that sometimes she looks like she was really angry and hated them for real. It’s time to face the truth: I spoiled her and now she’s being very, VERY naughty. When she’s running in the room, I have to run and play with her, otherwise she’s unhappy, sitting in the center with lonely looks and begging eyes. Would you believe she - being a big girl now - still refuses to eat from her bowl until I come and give her seeds from it on my hand…? My little precious. I’m crazy about her and she knows it well, abusing it openly and shamelessly. I don’t know whether she thinks she’s a star or what, but she’s incredibly fastidious nowadays. The worst part is the bedtime. It's a nightmare.
No matter how long she plays outside with me, after putting her into her cage it’s always drama: few minutes she stays still and than it starts - scratching, making faces, gnawing away cage bars and hanging on the cage wires. It’s her every night variety show and I’m forced to do whatever pleases Her Highness. Me myself...? Phew! I'm not that important. I might fall on my face because of  fatigue and she wouldn't notice. She goes to sleep when SHE wants to. In that case approaches me and stands on her back paws. It’s sign she’s tired and I’m supposed to carry her to her nest. Which I do gladly, ‘cause while she’s asleep - and only then - she looks like a true angel. A furry one.

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