Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Lilly outgrew her old green spinning wheel very fast. It became obvious when she became a mature hamster and had to bend to 90 degree angle to fit in it. It was painful to watch her trying to run with her head up high so we didn’t wait.
I found the biggest (and the coolest) of available hamster-friendly spinning wheels and ordered it right away. After few days Lilly’s new black psychedelic running simulator arrived and she totally fell in love with it: she was running in it, sleeping in it and eating in it. My little scientist even invented the pee in spray (she peed while running). I congratulated her and… went to wash my face (yuk!). After this dreadful experience I stopped staring at the white spiral painted in front of the wheel. I must have been hypnotized by Lilly spinning and spinning and spinning… Well, eventually we got rid of this crazy spiral, ‘cause Lilly started to eat it up.
I suspect her of licking the glue but have no proofs. Anyway, it was safer to tear it off the wheel, what I’ve done successfully while my little free-runner was sleeping, so no hamster’s feelings were hurt. Next day she did notice something changed, but she checked the wheel (inside and outside) and eventually approved. Funny thing, but she quite quickly figured out that it’s impossible to get anywhere in this vehicle. Few times she was running a bit, than taking off to check the direction she was heading for, even digging out the sawdust in there, but it was always the same-old-same (of course) so my clever girl realized there’s no big fun in the spinning wheel (sooo boring), going round and round and round... The big fun was waiting for her... OUTSIDE...!

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