Monday, 9 May 2011


Once Lilly trusted in me and tasted freedom outside her cage she became unstoppable. After exploring half a room (there are still places I save for later, to keep her beautiful mind occupied) she started exploring… uninteresting me.
I had been run all over, there and back. She tried picking up my hair, sliding off my legs and climbing my arms. My sweaters’ sleeves are no longer mystery to her. My hands are scratched and my clothes are torn, but nothing compares to those little paws running all over you and tiny whiskers skimming your skin.
You should have seen her trotting on those furry puffy legs, shaking her little bum. Priceless! There’s no thing more cheerful than watching a hamster on the move. At this point I started taking pictures of Lilly and she seemed to like it so in my ugly mind rose the idea of sharing her with the world. She doesn’t mind so… here we are: blogging and streaming on YouTube. By the way: did you know hamsters have five almost-human-like fingers at their hands and feet…? I didn’t and I was absolutely delighted when I discovered Lilly has them. They are the sweetest things I’ve ever seen in my life (despite of a hamster itself) especially when hammies hold something,  some pieces of food for example. Enough of digression. Day by day Lilly was becoming more lively and now every night belongs to her. She comes out of her tubes, grooms herself precisely and is ready to go out. First onto my hand: stroke, stroke… and than I put her on the floor so that she could do some  free
running,  exploring,  jumping, scratching, climbing, digging in the carpet, bitting furniture and playing hide'n'seek with me. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, sometimes I have to encourage her to try new things but each walk is different and I simply can’t wait every another one. But it's only when  the night falls. All day long Lilly is sleepy and barely goes out of her pipes to take a seed or two from my hand. But when the evening comes, she changes. Just like dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde. My little girl just wanna have FUN, FUN, FUN! She's impatient, quick to learn and charming. And you have to try hard to please her: each time new smells, sounds and textures are required, otherwise little princess is bored and may become nasty... And we wouldn't like it, would we. I tried to build a maze for her once. Just a common maze made of some toilet paper tubes, nothing special, but took me over an hour to figure out how to make crossings. And guess what. Lilly walked in it ONE TIME and... despised it.
She didn't like it, can you imagine?! That's just her. My super construction ended in the trash can but guess what she DID like: a closet. Just so. An ordinary, huge, corner closet which is actually our glory-hole. Each time Lilly is on the run I have to open and unload it for her. If not, she's very upset and unhappy, and tries to scratch a road inside herself. Well, she's very independent in general. She likes doing things on her own, like leaving the pipes, for example. No matter how I tempt her with my helpful hand waiting for her to come down comfortably, she always avoids it, choosing acrobatic evolutions on the cage bars . She  uses those as a ladder thinking she's so smart and self-reliant... Hah! But there are some things she WON'T do without me. You hear me, Lilly? You need me, baby, for... STROKING and KISSING and HUGGING! :-) Not mentioning the seeds, which won't materialize in your bowl themselves , honey-bee. And that's how we got to the dessert. Here's the riddle:


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