Wednesday, 8 June 2011


If you asked Lilly about her favorite snack, without hesitation she’d say: PEANUTS. It’s guaranteed. When she smells them, rushes down the tubes in a hurry (not Potter ;-)) with busy nose and hungry eyes. If I happen to crunch one nearby, she goes crazy and throws herself on the cage bars, begging for a bite. She stuffs all: the nut, it’s peel and the shell, which she uses for her nest.
If it comes to peanuts Lilly is an expert, although - funny thing - she never opens them herself. It’s my job. She can’t or is too lazy to do that. Well, this is how she feels nowadays. But it was not always like this. Her first time with the peanut (which is a kind of bean, actually) was… let’s say… not nice and it went like this:  Lilly is my first hammie. I never had one before and sometimes I’m being too protective. For a long time I kept her in almost sterile cage and fed her only with the seeds and washed, peeled fruits and vegetables. We had to change it. So one day, while Lilly was having her daily noon snack, I gave her a peanut. A common, middle sized  (cleaned ;-)))  peanut with a crunchy shell.  She was very curious:  smelled it,
sniffing, few times touched it with her nose and must have like it, ‘cause - not thinking any longer - stuffed the whole of it in her mouth and rushed upstairs, to hide the precious in her nest. Well, that ‘nest’ is transparent, so I witnessed what took place next. Lilly placed the peanut onto the cotton bedding, proud and happy. Then watched it for a while, approached it and touched it with her nose once again, and… She jumped up, suddenly, scared to death by something completely unknown to me, trembling all over her body. She tried it once more and jumped again, petrified. She run away from this ‘dreadful’ peanut, avoiding even looking at it. Not standing it any longer, she LEFT HER NEST (!!!) with the peanut inside, and came to me,
poor homeless thing, for a hug. It took a while to ease her fears (some pieces of fresh, juicy grapes helped a lot) and to me it became obvious that the peanut can’t stay. I removed it quickly and only then Lilly agreed to come back upstairs. Imagine, how disturbed she must have been. Even now I have no idea what happened between them back then. Did she smell something…? Or maybe heard the nut rattling inside it’s shell…? We’ll never know. Next day I tried to give her peanuts once again outside the cage and showed her how to crush them and how tasty they are. It was not a problem any more. It never happened again. Eventually, Lilly loved peanuts (the pictures prooves that) as much as she was afraid of them in the beginning.

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