Tuesday, 19 July 2011


No pictures this time. The story is quite dreadful, so let me spare you the view. The thing is… Lilly bit me (!!!). And it was MY fault. It happened only once, while cleaning her pee-pee which she leaves in one of the plastic cage tubes, near her nest. The most convenient (but also time - consuming) way of getting rid of the imbrue is to dismantle the pipes. Usually I do this and take them to the sink, to wash them completely, but this time I was lazy and had this stupid idea to give them just a wipe. So I put my hand with some toilet paper into the tubes, as far as I could, reaching even higher with my fingers. Well, I saw Lilly (half buried in her bedding) became alert but ignored her (silly me). I was rubbing the pipes clean, when - in a blink of an eye - Lilly jumped and (OUCH!!!) nibbled at my fingertip with her strong, sharp teeth. Man, she did scare me… But she looked much more scared and embarrassed than me, poor thing. She was sleepy and must have mistaken me to some threat. Or maybe a TREAT. Whatever. It didn’t hurt much, so I think she withdrew once she realized it’s MY finger she’s consuming (ups!). Anyway, I’m sorry for being so lazy and clumsy. Lilly tasted human flesh, after all. Luckily, she didn’t like it. Phew…!

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, I have to announce, that our sweet Lil’ Lilly has gone mad. That’s right. She reached this turning point in her life when one gets strange fixations (some people call it ‘maturity’) and became obsessed with… 
digging in the corners. It doesn’t matter what corner or where it’s located. All of them need to be dug away. It started from the inner corners of her cage: the litter flew all over the place while she was trying to make a hole in the plastic bottom. Well, after all it’s her apartment, so I didn’t intervene. And that was a huge mistake (!) because next in the queue were the four corners of… my room: two on the both sides of the door and two under the desk (including one behind the desk counter, which is the most desired due to it’s difficult accessibility). Sounds funny, hah…? But, it’s not...! We’ve got a new fitted carpet, imagine it’s soft and fluffy,
and this little furry monster (which I love and wouldn’t exchange for all Persian carpets of the world, by the way) runs to such a corner, digs her feet into the ground and starts: scratching, biting, tearing off the thread. From MY beautiful carpet! :-/ She does it passionately and never gets bored. The worst (or maybe the best rather) thing is she’s very clever. She knows well that it drives me crazy and that it’s the only thing she’s not allowed to do during her free running, so - as she’s dashing towards the corner - she gazes over her shoulder, checking whether I’m watching or not. If I am, she passes the corner and trots ahead like nothing (!) 
happened, but if I’m busy and/or looking in the other direction, she sucks to the carpet and won’t let go till I come and (gently) pull her away by her back legs. Phew…! Few minutes pass and everything repeats. On and on. I tried almost everything: spraying the corners with lemon juice, securing them with an old towel (Lilly bit a hole in it) or blocking them up with something. Nothing worked. Anyway, I had to help myself somehow, so eventually I made a coop for her and now she’s sightseeing it from the inside each time she’s extremely naughty. You think her precious head is too little to understand? Hah! You would be surprised how well she knows she did something wrong. It's written all over her penitent face. I am the boss, I am the owner. And I own them both: the hammie and the carpet :---) 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


There you are! The only opportunity to see Lilly befriending with the sheep is to watch this video. To be honest, it's one of my favourites, because it shows her gentle nature and delicacy. She's not like WOW, FRESH GRASS! LET'S RUN IN CIRCLES AND MAKE SOME NOISE! My Lilly is delicate like a flower herself.

Sometimes she may seem to be a bit shy but I can tell she trusts me by the way she walks onto my palm and looks at me; always with hope and curiosity as if she was saying:  I know something good awaits me every time I am with you.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


July is very special to me. I’ve got my birthday and name-day in this warm, sunny,  cheerful month. This year also Lil' Lilly turned ‘half-a-year’ in July, so we both celebrated and my beloved husband (the best friend in the whole world who knows me better than myself) made my wishes came through by giving me this absolutely unique, more than beautiful and most dear to me gift:
!!! THE HAMSTER MUG !!! :-)))

The mug embellished with our WANTED-LOVED logo with Lilly’s darling fluffy face on it. Isn’t it gorgeous? I totally love it and I'm extremely happy I’ve got it. 


Monday, 11 July 2011


Remember what I told you about Lilly and the Deadly Peanut...? How scared she was while having her first one...? Well, now I wanna show you how she manages them nowadays. She's brave, precise and insatiable. No forgiveness. She won't let go till all of them are gone. Here's the irrefutable proof to watch:

Hah! See...? I've trained her well...! :-) Think that's the reason to be proud of  myself and my little furry ball. Now there are many new food pieces we're trying from time to time and never she panics. And I just love when she stands on my hand with her soft, warm little paws and tickels me with her whiskers while eating. There's only one unbreakable rule: I NEVER give her ANY processed human food (little pieces of boiled egg and cheese are the rare exception). I believe that's the way of keeping  your hammie in good condition.