Monday, 11 July 2011


Remember what I told you about Lilly and the Deadly Peanut...? How scared she was while having her first one...? Well, now I wanna show you how she manages them nowadays. She's brave, precise and insatiable. No forgiveness. She won't let go till all of them are gone. Here's the irrefutable proof to watch:

Hah! See...? I've trained her well...! :-) Think that's the reason to be proud of  myself and my little furry ball. Now there are many new food pieces we're trying from time to time and never she panics. And I just love when she stands on my hand with her soft, warm little paws and tickels me with her whiskers while eating. There's only one unbreakable rule: I NEVER give her ANY processed human food (little pieces of boiled egg and cheese are the rare exception). I believe that's the way of keeping  your hammie in good condition.

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