Tuesday, 19 July 2011


No pictures this time. The story is quite dreadful, so let me spare you the view. The thing is… Lilly bit me (!!!). And it was MY fault. It happened only once, while cleaning her pee-pee which she leaves in one of the plastic cage tubes, near her nest. The most convenient (but also time - consuming) way of getting rid of the imbrue is to dismantle the pipes. Usually I do this and take them to the sink, to wash them completely, but this time I was lazy and had this stupid idea to give them just a wipe. So I put my hand with some toilet paper into the tubes, as far as I could, reaching even higher with my fingers. Well, I saw Lilly (half buried in her bedding) became alert but ignored her (silly me). I was rubbing the pipes clean, when - in a blink of an eye - Lilly jumped and (OUCH!!!) nibbled at my fingertip with her strong, sharp teeth. Man, she did scare me… But she looked much more scared and embarrassed than me, poor thing. She was sleepy and must have mistaken me to some threat. Or maybe a TREAT. Whatever. It didn’t hurt much, so I think she withdrew once she realized it’s MY finger she’s consuming (ups!). Anyway, I’m sorry for being so lazy and clumsy. Lilly tasted human flesh, after all. Luckily, she didn’t like it. Phew…!

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