Saturday, 27 August 2011


Sometimes I think Lilly  might be german. She's got this thing for organizing her stuff which makes her being pedantic. And there's usually one and the same routine in her day schedule: first of all - grooming. Than cleaning up the nest with the tubes (this seed here, that seed there). When she finally walks out of the pipes, she must groom herself once again before she drinks and runs in her spinning wheel for a while. Only than she may want to go out to play with you outside but if she has a bad day she may not be in the mood, as well.

On that occasion she will stay in the cage, hoarding her treats and digging out the corners. After all, when she's tired and/or bored, she finally waves goodbye and goes to sleep. Well, sometimes she also doesn't behave and gnaws on the cage bars instead of sleeping like an angel, but this is completely another story.

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