Monday, 22 August 2011


I believe all hammies are partial to deep black holes. If they find one, they can’t prevent themselves from trying to get into it. Lilly is no different. Being aware of her weakness I keep her away from dark places. Usually I succeed. Usually, ‘cause no matter how hard you try, there is always some forgotten spot in your house you overlooked. One day I decided to show Lilly ‘the big world’ and let her play freely in the living room (which is connected to the kitchen) instead of keeping her closed in my study. Of course, before letting her out, I checked twice whether the space is safe for her or not closing windows, hiding electric cables and securing entries to the behind  of the pieces of furniture. Lilly was delighted with the new area: she was running happily, smelling unknown things and feeling different textures under her little feet. Most of the time she spent sniffing by the kitchen counter, on pleasantly cool tiles. At some point I started to wonder what actually caught her attention but when I got closer it was too late. All I could do was to observe this little furry swashbuckler disappearing piece by piece under the dishwasher and it looked just like this:

How could I forget that my husband had the wooden closet cut so that the dishwasher door opened and closed properly…?! I ducked onto the floor to see this huge horizontal hole and no sign of Lilly. I lured her with my voice but she didn’t show up and in my mind I saw her: smashed, crushed, broken, cut into pieces, stuck in the mechanism and starving to death. Trying not to panic, I took a piece of beautifully smelling cheese and put it outside the hole. Lilly didn’t come out, but I heard loud scratching under the far side of the counter. I rushed and quickly dismantled fridge’s wooden wall just in time to see my sweetie proudly trotting right into my hands. She was covered with dust and warm of the refrigerator heater, but - luckily - safe and sound. She got the cheese (the whole piece) and got back to her cage as if nothing had happened.

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