Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Memories, sweet memories... Look what I’ve found while cleaning up my room:
This is the receipt I got from the pet store in exchange for Lilly. It’s quite fatigued by now, I know, but it says that they sold me 'chomik syryjski 1.000 szt.' Literally it means '1.000 syrian hamsters' (LOL) but of course I bought only one. Lilly costed 15,38 PLN (about 5.30 USD, 3.66 EUR, 3.30 GBP). I don’t know whether she was expensive in comparison to hammies from the other countries. Anyway, that’s it. That’s all I’ve got from the seller; no lineage, no health book. I’ll never know whether Lilly was inoculated or not. And I have to mention that in my country pet stores are the most reliable places for purchasing a pet so you can imagine what happens somewhere else. That’s what it looks like in Poland. Sad, isn’t it…? I don’t know why those few hamster breedings which existed few years ago suddenly stopped their activity. We don’t even have a proper national hamster club now so no chance for a pedigree hamster in here, I suppose.  And it could have been so beautiful... Pity.

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