Saturday, 20 August 2011


We've made a few interesting acquaintances since we started blogging and streaming on You Tube. First of all there is - of course - indispensable Nadia Vella from her world wide Hamster Club. Than you have this wonderful person Holly with her Dashing Hamsters Blog, where she shares her (very impressive and helpful) knowledge. At last (but not least) there are many, many friendly people with their hammies, like german Abgekippt who teaches creativity and builds amazing habitats for his dwarf hamsters.  This video below was made for his furry crew and is specially dedicated to his sweet, little Theresa (R.I.P.).

It is said that there are some 'cat' and 'dog people', two extremely differend kinds of person, but I think there is also the third kind - somewhere in between - which you should call 'hamster people': all nice, open, simply enjoying life pet owners could count themselves in. I feel like one of that kind. Would you...? :-)

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