Friday, 9 September 2011


One night I was staying at home alone. In the evening, for a while Lilly played with me and then we both layed down, tired but happy. I was in the middle of a dream when sudden, loud, terrible rumble woke me up. I jumped out of my bed and rushed to the neighbouring room, where the cage stands, because the first tought was that it fell down from the shelf with Lilly inside. Half lucid, I switched on the light and saw that there are some broken parts of the cage tubes laying on the carpet. The cage itself stood intact on the shelf, but it was...
EMPTY !!! Lilly was gone and I was petrified, 'cause for one second in my mind I saw all the worst possibilities includig her being dead or wounded, jumping throught the open window and so on. Next second I put myself together and started to call her, as gently and sweetly as I could, waiting for the slightest signs of her presence. In vain. I was about to breakdown and cry, when finally I saw her: she was sitting ON the cage, outside, hidden behind this huge greenish bulb which is her nest. Quiet as a mouse and completely silent but - thanks to God - unharmed. She must have been SO scared and confused, my little poor thing, you should have seen her back then! I took her in my arms and huged her tight. I hold her for a long time that night. She even got an additional peanut before her sleep, to ease her (and mine) fears. Eventually, I repaired the broken tubes so that they were safe for her this time, but even now I have completely no idea, how this could happen. Maybe she tried to dig through the tubes and pushed one out, or maybe one of the tubes was loose... I'm affraid we'll never know, but I'm gonna watch those tubes closely now (!)

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