Friday, 2 September 2011


...Whack for my daddy-o, whack for my daddy-o, there's... Lilly in the jar-o... Musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-da...! :-) But how did she get in there...? And how is she gonna get out...? Well, it's not a problem . She's very clever, after all.
Generally hamsters are much more flexible and snoopy than you could suspect judging by their  round and fluffy looks. Imagine Lilly standing on her back paws, reaching  for some delicacy (almost like Superman, hahaha) up, up and away! and even higher with her curious nose and impatient little fingers. At some point she starts to look like a miniature badgerdog without a tail. Every time you think she reached the limit of her flexibility, she stretches even longer just to get what she wants. But it has to be a damn good reason for her to try. She won't work out for nothing, you know. Usually a jar filled with something smelly and tasty will do. I happen to keep her food in one of those usefull glass things so she guickly got familiar with it's  secrets...
... Whack for my daddy-o, whack for my daddy-o, there's... Lilly in the jar-o... Musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-da...! :-) What...? What does J. Hetfield  with Mettalica sing in that song...? What for...? What for my Lilly-o is in the jar-o...?
Awww, that's plain like her clean, beautifully groomed fur: she's after some treat I hid inside (nasty me) instead of giving it directly to her mouth. So she's angry, feels offended and hurt, but - why not? - gladly uses my hand if I lend her one, just to get higher, where the jar stands smelling so promisingly and tempting. Okay, so  there she is, with a little help from her two legged friends. And now what...? What's next...? Well, you have to get from the outside to the inside which means you: dive, dive  hard onto the rough surface of grain mixture, so soft and desired... You're about to feed when suddenly the food starts to move, actually it moves as if it came to life: seeds run from beneath your feet and you - poor little (too heavy) hammie - experiences the quick sand effect sinking, desperately sinking in the dry sea of non-consumed flavours. It's high time to run away so Lilly takes to her legs and flees. Hah! Easy to say hard to do... The jar is made of glass, it's walls are high and slippy...
Little legs are hanging in the air, waving one by one, while little hands are trying to pull the rest of Lilly over the jar's edge. And there's much to be pulled, if you know what I mean. She's not a feather although weights only (?) 183 g. 'It is the FUR, you moron, what's so heavy!' she'd claim but who would ever believe a hammie...? Anyway, somehow she always manages to get out of any kind of a hole, jar, mug, glass, whatever. Sometimes it costs her much effort (you can tell by the looks of her face) but I'm always around in case she realy needed me. But, to be honest, never she was in need. I'm helping her more of my own boredom than of her need. Lilly is an independent young lady, very smart and very resourceful. Trouble loves her but not on mutual terms, I'd say. So! We climbed the highest jar-o, bathed in the food and succesully escaped (luckily with some grain hoarded in the pouches). Now you know what for there's Lilly in the jar-o so we all can whack for my daddy-o! :-)

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