Thursday, 20 October 2011


In 3 City trees turned to all shades of yellow, brown and red and you could swear you feel winter coming in the air. The sun shines but the wind is cold...
Our small apartment in a regular block of flats has always been warm an cosy but I think Lilly suspects something: she comes out of the tubes unwillingly, less often, and when she does she's hoarding quickly, compulsively as if she was running out of time. I think she KNOWS. Deep in her sweet heart she feels the season's changing and she became sleepy, dizzy. All of those 'igloos' she's started to build in her nests are real construction wonders. Lilly hides inside and barely shows herself outside, not even her pink nose can be seen. Sometimes it feels like I don't have a hamster.
All I can do is watch the cotton burrow moves up and down as Lilly's breathing. When she finally finds her way into my arms I can tell she's different: even more delicate, sensitive and fragile. Nowadays she obviously prefers stroking to playing like crazy and as I'm holding her in my hands sometimes I'm affraid she may hibernate herself for good. But more over she's being so cute and good I almost can not stand it, like my heart was about to explode. So each night, before sleep, my little precious is getting hundreds of kisses and a lullaby and sometimes Lilly lickes my chick in return.

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