Saturday, 17 December 2011


So it has begun. Dashing through the stores in searching for presents and ingredients is (almost) over. Here and there you can see colourful lights glittering on christmas trees and it actually starts to feel like the real Christmas.

Although there's no snow this year and God only knows how Santa is going to drive his sleight. So Lilly and I, with a little help from our dear friend Karina, decided to give you a present on our own. Here it is: beautifuly sang by Karina.


Lilly was very good girl in this first year of her fluffy life so Santa brought her a present: underneath the Christmas Tree we've found a little blue ball with a hole where you can put some dry treats. To get to them Lilly must roll the ball.

It's not as simple as it may seem to be. By now Lilly's learnt that the only way of getting to the food is this little hole through which you can't squeeze your head in. But still she's having problems with understanding how gravity works ;-)))


  1. Hi, fellow hamster blogger! I love, and have followed your blog... your hamster is SUPERSUPERCUTE. If you're interested, my hamster blog link is below, and your blog is on the blogroll as of today. Keep blogging!


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