Saturday, 27 August 2011


Sometimes I think Lilly  might be german. She's got this thing for organizing her stuff which makes her being pedantic. And there's usually one and the same routine in her day schedule: first of all - grooming. Than cleaning up the nest with the tubes (this seed here, that seed there). When she finally walks out of the pipes, she must groom herself once again before she drinks and runs in her spinning wheel for a while. Only than she may want to go out to play with you outside but if she has a bad day she may not be in the mood, as well.

On that occasion she will stay in the cage, hoarding her treats and digging out the corners. After all, when she's tired and/or bored, she finally waves goodbye and goes to sleep. Well, sometimes she also doesn't behave and gnaws on the cage bars instead of sleeping like an angel, but this is completely another story.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Memories, sweet memories... Look what I’ve found while cleaning up my room:
This is the receipt I got from the pet store in exchange for Lilly. It’s quite fatigued by now, I know, but it says that they sold me 'chomik syryjski 1.000 szt.' Literally it means '1.000 syrian hamsters' (LOL) but of course I bought only one. Lilly costed 15,38 PLN (about 5.30 USD, 3.66 EUR, 3.30 GBP). I don’t know whether she was expensive in comparison to hammies from the other countries. Anyway, that’s it. That’s all I’ve got from the seller; no lineage, no health book. I’ll never know whether Lilly was inoculated or not. And I have to mention that in my country pet stores are the most reliable places for purchasing a pet so you can imagine what happens somewhere else. That’s what it looks like in Poland. Sad, isn’t it…? I don’t know why those few hamster breedings which existed few years ago suddenly stopped their activity. We don’t even have a proper national hamster club now so no chance for a pedigree hamster in here, I suppose.  And it could have been so beautiful... Pity.

Monday, 22 August 2011


I believe all hammies are partial to deep black holes. If they find one, they can’t prevent themselves from trying to get into it. Lilly is no different. Being aware of her weakness I keep her away from dark places. Usually I succeed. Usually, ‘cause no matter how hard you try, there is always some forgotten spot in your house you overlooked. One day I decided to show Lilly ‘the big world’ and let her play freely in the living room (which is connected to the kitchen) instead of keeping her closed in my study. Of course, before letting her out, I checked twice whether the space is safe for her or not closing windows, hiding electric cables and securing entries to the behind  of the pieces of furniture. Lilly was delighted with the new area: she was running happily, smelling unknown things and feeling different textures under her little feet. Most of the time she spent sniffing by the kitchen counter, on pleasantly cool tiles. At some point I started to wonder what actually caught her attention but when I got closer it was too late. All I could do was to observe this little furry swashbuckler disappearing piece by piece under the dishwasher and it looked just like this:

How could I forget that my husband had the wooden closet cut so that the dishwasher door opened and closed properly…?! I ducked onto the floor to see this huge horizontal hole and no sign of Lilly. I lured her with my voice but she didn’t show up and in my mind I saw her: smashed, crushed, broken, cut into pieces, stuck in the mechanism and starving to death. Trying not to panic, I took a piece of beautifully smelling cheese and put it outside the hole. Lilly didn’t come out, but I heard loud scratching under the far side of the counter. I rushed and quickly dismantled fridge’s wooden wall just in time to see my sweetie proudly trotting right into my hands. She was covered with dust and warm of the refrigerator heater, but - luckily - safe and sound. She got the cheese (the whole piece) and got back to her cage as if nothing had happened.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


We've made a few interesting acquaintances since we started blogging and streaming on You Tube. First of all there is - of course - indispensable Nadia Vella from her world wide Hamster Club. Than you have this wonderful person Holly with her Dashing Hamsters Blog, where she shares her (very impressive and helpful) knowledge. At last (but not least) there are many, many friendly people with their hammies, like german Abgekippt who teaches creativity and builds amazing habitats for his dwarf hamsters.  This video below was made for his furry crew and is specially dedicated to his sweet, little Theresa (R.I.P.).

It is said that there are some 'cat' and 'dog people', two extremely differend kinds of person, but I think there is also the third kind - somewhere in between - which you should call 'hamster people': all nice, open, simply enjoying life pet owners could count themselves in. I feel like one of that kind. Would you...? :-)