Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I'm still about to cry and have to constantly calm myself down. I don't even know where to begin... Ok, I'm gonna put myself together now and try to sound reasonably: last night I saw this huge amount of smelly, pudding-like mucus leaking out of Lilly's rear end. Her whole belly was covered with it. It happened twice. I've never seen anything like it before but I've read many articles about hamster health so unfortunately I had an idea what this could mean. That's why I immidiately called our neighbouring veterinarian (we're lucky he's also rodent specialist) and today Lilly was examined by him. We both were stunned how good and calm she was during this visit. She let the doctor (a stranger to her) not only hold and pet her but also do all those unpleasant things doctors do. She wasn't running away, didn't attempt to bite, and so on. Only from time to time she trotted towards me, and climbed my sweater so that I hold and caress her. The vet said that he's never seen such a tamed hamster before and at this point I felt really proud of my little, brave Lilly. The diagnosis is cruel but plain: pyometra. I knew something was going to happen 'cause lately her belly was tougher and bigger than normal but I hoped it was due to her good apetite and nut diet not disease :'-( It's so sad... But there is much, much more than that. According to the vet's words it's possible that Lilly has been living with it... since the very beginning, even long before I brought her home...! How come? During last year, each few days there was always this pudding-like mucus leaking from her bottom but it was almost unremarkable amount. Lilly is my first hammy ever, I have no comparison, and I've been told that such a small leak of clear (no blood) mucus is normal, that it's sirian hamster females' way of reacting to treatments they don't like (holding or squeezing too much for example). So we lived with it while I should have taken her to the vet long time ago...! Stupid me...! There is one good thing: in this case we deal with open pyometra which means the pus doesn't stay inside to decay but flows outside freely not causing contagion which leads to death. I was talking to the vet for a long time. The good thing is I've always been massaging Lilly's belly every few days, when she was in heat (just like that, in case) and it's possible that only this prevented the pus from blocking inside so far [SIGHT]. If nothing changes, Lilly has a good chance to live her life through up to the old age. She's vivid, eager to play, eat and drink and if you didn't know, you couldn't tell by her look that she's ill. But the mucus flows... God forbid it pluggs...! Due to Lilly's good condition and nature of the disease we've decided not to put her through operation. But she must have her medicine and that's enrofloxacin (hamster friendly antibiotic) plus lakcid (to keep her bacterial flora balanced). We're starting tomorrow. Just cross your fingers for her, would you...? <:"-(

P.S. It's not fair. We were just about to celebrate her first birthday. Yes, Lilly was born in January, we don't know exactly when. On the 6th February we brought her home. It was a year ago.  So much for her first birthday present :-(


  1. Oh poor Lilly! Hope everything went fine! Since Theresa died, it's hard for me to read about ill and death hamsters :-( If I can something do for Lilly and you, let me know

  2. Thank you for your support. Just... please, think of her warmly and try to send us some positive energy 'cause we need it much.

  3. Oh, I feel so sorry for you. Poor Lilly.


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