Tuesday, 3 January 2012


          - So that's how this famous New Year looks like! - squicked Lilly and sighted. - The same old same. Boring...
           And she was right. No snow, no frost, just cold winds and rains as if it was Autumn. Nothing changed at all. It's dark, it's grey, everything decays... This Winter is the least winter-like Winter ever! No wonder Lil's fed up with it.
We all are. Instead of making a snowman or sledging one must find themselves something to occupy their minds. Lilly did. She decided to go for... lets say: winter sports. Since she's a very comprehensive hamster she doesn't limit herself to one form of activity, oh no! It would be too simple. There must be some balance between mind and body so many different types of exercises are required. Look what we've got here... There you go! First of all it's something called STRETCHING. Kind of funny but effective way of keeping your body in a good shape. It goes somewhat like this: front paws low and the back rear up just along with your head. That's a good one after awakening :-)
Ok, guys. We're awaken and stretched. What's next...? Lilly's answer would be 'breakfast' but that's not the point. The thing is you have to train your body and your spirit as well. Great way of taking care of both in the same time is CLIMBING, very demanding sport for those who are ambitious and determined. Well, it doesn't sound like Lilly, it really doesn't, but you would be amazed seeing this middle age lady acually swinging on the top of the highest spinning wheel with no fear at all. It may be some kind of recompensation for her poor height, I suppose... Well, the advantage of getting high is also going down which often gives you a pleasent thrill of emotion in your stomach so I think this might be the reason for choosing by Lilly this particular form of activity. At last (but not least) we've came to the third form of hamster winter entertainment and that's CORN COB SPARRING. One does not have to explain how important cobs are.
The position they take in hamster life is crutial and undeniable but - unfortunately for the poor cobs - Lilly is a little bit (just a little bit) too fluffy and up to loosing some weight before Spring comes (and she means it!) so she's just started her daily work out. Instead of eating - she's beating. And she does it hard, she does it accurately, my million dollar babe. As you can see, there is nothing impossible for someone who really wants to do something. It seems like Lilly The Triathlonist is preparing for the Hamster Winter Olympics. How far would you go to kill this winter boredom...? Me myself, I'm lazy so I think I'll just stick to supporting my little fit-hammie :-)


  1. Lilly has beautiful coloring. I'm a friend of Inky's, from Inky The Hamster Mommy, by the way.


    P.S. I love that last photo... Lilly is very funny.

  2. Hello, Nina! :-) Nice to meet you. There's not much fun lately on this blog due to Lilly's illness, but we hope for a change. It's good to have you here, with us.


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