Tuesday, 7 February 2012


It looks like we're running out of time. We took the prescription and bought the new medicine immediately. Again, I'm gonna write down Lilly's medical treatement day by day because it helps dealing with that mess inside my mind.

And these are the new medicaments:
- Biseptol (sulphonamide) - 0,05 ml twice a day,
- Lakcid (probiotic) - 1/5 of normal human dose twice a day,
- since Lilly is in very poor condition the vet and I agreed to suspend her daily belly massages.

Biseptol is the same as Bactrim (200 mg Sulfamethoxazolum plus 40 mg Trimethoprimum). It's a bacteriostatic solution for children (tastes like wild strawberries) and doesn't need to be mixed with water but (please!) remember:


DAY 1:
Monday, 06.02.2012 

This is the day when Lilly suddenly got worse in the morning. A sudden strike. She drunk alot but refused to eat. Her urine became clear, almost like water and she weights only 182 g now. She also had troubles with moving around. She tried to groom herself but she gave up as if it was too tiresome. I had to wash her paws and her rear end for her because the pudding-like mucus flows although during the last two weeks there were some days without it. I left her alone for a few hours in her nest, in quiet, but in the evening there was no improvement. That's when I gave her first dose of Biseptol and Lakcid. She also took a crumb of cheese from my hand but refused to receive any seeds or even her favourite nuts. She had troubles with walking upstairs to her nest so I helped her and reduced the cage tubes to only one level. Watching her sleeping I realized her breath is different: more rapid and light. So was the sleep itself. Actually, she looked like she was sitting, squatted down. For the first time I thought that maybe surgery is not such a bad idea, after all. But I'm not sure...

DAY 2:
Tuesday, 07.02.2012 

I checked her twice during the night; nothing changed. In the morning forced her to take her medicine but she barely swallowed. During the day I was watching her becoming weaker and weaker. I didn't even have to weight her. She wasn't able to reach her tube nest, instead she crawled under the platform so I gave her more cotton bedding and she lied there. I couldn't leave her just like that so I was nursing her in my arms since she seemed to feel calm and safe being stroked. In the evening she got glucose injection from a vet and than stayed in my arms for a long time but we observed no improvement. The vet told us to leave her alone to rest but I had this feeling, this strange feeling that I owe her this night, this one special night for whole the time she spent with me. So I stayed up, caressing my beloved one and realizing she was getting more and more cold inside. I understood she was leaving me. But still I can't believe.

DAY 3:
Wednesday, 08.02.2012 

Today at 6.10 A.M. my sweet little Lilly passed away.

Later that day the autopsy revealed that the cause of death wasn't pyometra at all; Lilly's uterus was still infected but clean thanks to medicine and womb massages. It was asymptomatic polycystic liver disease what took her away from us. Two days ago one of the bigger cysts burst and run to the abdomen. There was nothing we could do. Isn't it ironic...? You  think that you took care of everything, that you have everything under control and that's when life proves you how terribly you're wrong. After all those efforts... I wanna scream.

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