Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Let us introduce you to this classical spaghetti dish containing all the flavours you could expect from traditional pasta. There is no surprises, just good old dinner in european style. Fresh vegetables seem to lighten this caloric course.

1 broccoli
1 red pepper
10 g of spaghetti pasta
300 ml of water


1 small pot

1 colander
1 small kitchen knife
1 chopping board
1 small saucer

Lets start from putting the colander into the cleaned, empty kitchen sink and than go to the boiling the pasta, shall we...? Pour the water to the pot and boil it on your stove (Caution! Do not use any salt or spices cooking for your pet!). Once the water is boiling add sphagetti but be careful - don't brake it. You may just leave it standing out of the pot, it will fall down to the water itself when it softens. Keep the pasta boiling as long as the producer advises. Usually it should take 7-8 minutes to make it al dente. After desired time take the pot out of the stove (Don't forget to turn off your cooker!) but once again be very careful 'cause the pot and it's content are extremaly hot (use your kitchen mittens). All you have to do is pour the content of the pot to the previously prepared colander. Once the pasta is there, rise the colander up and shake it few times so that the water run out. Leave it to cool down. In the meantime wash and dry your vegetables. Take the broccoli and cut one nice and round part off. Make it flat at the bottom. Place it in the center of your saucer (it's the base of our dish). Now, take the red pepper and check those four raised roundings in the non-stemed end. Cut one rounding off and than cut it half. Put it aside, it's going to be our edible decoration. It's time we get back to our cooled pasta. Take it out of the colander (if it's too sticky, wash it with cold water). Arrange all of the spaghetti ribbons in your hand so that their endings are evened and place them gently on the saucer wrapping around the broccoli. Leave the green broccoli top visible and finally add those two previously prepared pepper slices. And... Voila! You've just prepared your own Spaghetti A La Maison dish by Fluffy Toughie for your little furry friend. Bon appetit...!

If you really wish your pet all the best you may want to use the best quality products. Considering traditional pasta there are no better products than those made of semolina - the milled product of durum wheat (or other hard wheat).


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    1. I'm very grateful, Inky. Thank you for your appreciation. If it wasn't for Lilly my blog wouldn't be what it is right know. To be honest, I wouldn't blog at all. So this reward should go to her, I guess...


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