Wednesday, 28 March 2012


This time I've got for you something special. You love ice cream, don't you...? Well, who doesn't. If I were a hammie I would like some, too. So my new dessert is hamster friendly version of an ice cream ball. Ultimately creamy dish.

1 broccoli floret (a small one)
1 natural yoghourt (sugar free)
1 bunch of fresh dill

1 small kitchen knife
1 chopping board
1 small saucer
1 small bowl
1 spoon

First of all wash the broccoli and the dill. Let them dry. In the meantime pour the yoghourt to the bowl. Than take your dill and chop it up small but leave one fine twig untouched (it's gonna be our decoration). Add the chopped dill to the yoghourt and stir the mixture till it's smooth and creamy like sauce. Now use your knife to trim the broccoli floret's bottom so that it was flat. Having this done, put the floret in the center of the saucer and pour it over with the yoghourt and dill mixture. You must do it slowly and carefully not to smudge the saucer but if you happen to do that it's no disaster; just take a paper towel and gently wipe it of. There you go... It's time for the decoration: all you have to do is use this twig you left yourself while chopping the dill. Trim it nicely and place at the site of our 'ice cream ball'. It's as simple as that. Congratulations! You've just made your own Vegan Dream Under Creamy Blanket for your pet.


If you're after even more sofisticated look of the dish you may want to cut the 'ice cream ball' half while it's ready to serve; it will show the very green inside and the interesting texture of hidden broccoli floret. Your pet's gonna love it.

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Did you know that Kropka is not just a common name...? Well, it actually means something in my beautiful, complicated native language which is Polish. It means a dot. I think it suits her very well under the circumstances...
And this word Kropeczka I often use in exchange means a little dot, a dottie, you might say... It's diminution for Kropka. To think about it, you might have known that (there is a slight chance some of you have learnt Polish LOL) but certainly you have no idea what was Kropeczka's previous name. Hah! I've got you 'cause yes she had one. Now, let me tell you: her first owner called her... Dżungulina. I know, I know... Don't feel down if you're having trouble pronouncing this... I couldn't even remember it at first...! It was a long story and a four years old child's idea who called little Kropka after her longhair white father, Dżunguś.
No wonder Kropka has never responded to that name. It wasn't really her, it was kind of... borrowed. For me she's always been Kropeczka. From the very beginning, since I heard about her, I've been thinking of her as of a little black dot. But, of course, she's so much more than just the name which never defines us completely. We've got to know each other a little bit since I brought her home and there are a few certein things I can tell about her for sure: Kropeczka LOVES to run and LOVES to climb especially while playing outside the cage. All the time she must move around, barely she stops, just like this little bunny from an old Duracell add. Never she looks tired. She fell for the big wooden wheel which she uses at her playground (that is inside our wardrobe) and not only she runs in it but also swings in it which looks funny.
If I was to name other things Kropka likes I would mention: yoghourt (you may calm down, Juergen, finally a normal hamster who doesn't despise it, hehe), fresh green food, eating from the ground, cosy fluffy textures, sleeping with her head down and... me! :-) I can tell by the way she's diving into my arms, rushing down the tubes to greet me at the cage door and because she kissed me; my nose has been licked twice. As for her dislikes I could list for example: peanuts (that's weird), water dispenser, hay (that's a long story for another occasion) and staying in the cage. I know it sounds funny but I'm being terrorized by a hamster. Well, she's a piratess after all and you HAVE TO let her out each time she wants to (and that's almost always). My little dot just LOVES free running. And I love her :-)

Thursday, 15 March 2012


On the night I found out about Kropeczka I was so excited that I couldn't sleep at all and when you lack sleep strange ideas come up to you ;-) That's why in the morning I took a spare twin cage we've got and filled it's dish with soil and chinchilla bath sand due to sow some grass and night-scent flowers seeds in it.


As you can see the sprouts are growing and they do it quickly: day by day they are becomminig higher and stronger but yet they are too fragile to let Kropeczka in. But she'll have her fun later since the idea is to connect the two cages with the tubes so that she could have instant access to the grassy area :-)

Monday, 12 March 2012


Kropka The Little Piratess. When I think of her I'm smiling again. She doesn't stop amazing us. In a blink of an eye she tamed my husband climbing - just like that - up his hand from her old terrarium into his arms. Such a sweet lil' girl...

It took her a second to conquer and board our hearts and we were surprised how quickly and smoothly she adapted to her new living conditions. Since her left eye is missing I imagined her as a poor, weak and scared little creature. Ha!
I couldn't be more wrong because our Kropeczka turns out to be a volcano of energy. You might say that she stuffs life in her cheek pouches with both her little hands. You should have seen her running like crazy in her first own spinning wheel; I've never seen a hamster being so fast. For a moment I thought we should have called her Forest not Kropka. Everything was new and fascinating but not scary at all. I couldn't imagine a hamster being more trusting, more after their new owners. She's been with us for 48 hours, for God's sake, and with no problem she comes to me, eats from my hand and strives into my arms as if she knew me for ages...! She's unresistable. And her energy is endless: after so many sensations
(travelling, new people, new cage, new stuff, food, new everything) she was hyper active all day long, barely sleeping, and yet gave me quite a lesson after the sunset; deep in the night I was waken up by a familiar, loud sound of gnawing so I went to check her up. I found her hanging from the upper bars, gnawing on the "ceiling". I didn't know whether to laugh or worry; the cage is not too high but Kropka is tiny, skinny and fragile so if she fell of those bars onto the hard platform, she might hurt herself. I praised her and tried to rearrange the cage to make climbing impossible but the situation repeated few times more; each time Kropeczka found her way up. Somewhat about 3 a.m., with my eyes red, sticky and sleepy,
I realised she was bored. LOL! New toys, tubes, tones of already hoarded food, much bigger cage and she got BORED...! :---) I had no other choice than to make her one of those Juergen's - from Roborowski Hamsters Addicted YT channel - toilet paper toys: I stuffed a roll with some delicacies wrapped in the paper towels and gave it to Kropka. She suck to it, ripping the roll with her small, sharp teeth like a can, and it took her the rest of the night to work it out; finally I could get some sleep. Next evening we were playing in the room: Kropeczka was exploring her new playground and also discovered the second huge, wooden, 30 cm high spinning wheel hidden inside the wardrobe but she's too fast for it, swinging like crazy;
a true pirate on a stormy night ;-) Despite of the quite obvious fact that she's been beautifully tamed thanks to her previous owner who took good care of her wounds, I've noticed that our little Kropeczka is unbelievably clever: it takes one time to show her something and she understands and remembers. Let me give you one example: the tubes. When she rushed into them for the first time everything was peachy until Kropka tried to go down and couldn't beacuse of her partial blindness: it was too high for her. But when I scrubed the bottom of the tube, she learned that there was something she could base on and once she tried, she never had that problem again. Well, actually there is one thing I'm not able to convince her to:

the water dispenser. So we won't have any as long as Kropka is in charge. Oh, my... There is so much more I could tell about her after those two days spent together. She's everything I needed to recover after Lilly and much much more.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


...and today we were blessed once again. I don't believe in coincidences, do you...? Lilly left us on the 8th of February and on the 8th of March she's sending to us another hamster. Very special one: a hamster in need. I've been searching for sirian hamsters avalible near to my location for over half a month and didn't find any (!) until today when some old internet announcement got my attention, I don't know why because it didn't even cover my region. But something (someone little and furry...?) was telling me to make this call. So I made it thinking - What the hec! - and found out that there was a mistake and the announcement did apply to my very home city (!). But there was another disappointment waiting around the corner: very nice young woman I was talking to told me that all the little hammies she had have already found their new homes and there are no hammies avalible left. Normally I would thank her and hang up but we started to chat like woman to woman sharing our experience and when we broke the ice suddenly she confessed that actually there IS one hammie left but she didn't even mention her since she's lost an eye in a cage fight when she was about 3 weeks old and now nobody wants her what became a problem because the family soon moves to a place where no animals are allowed. You know what that means... Well, in the beginning I wasn't sure. I wasn't looking for a rescue hamster, but than my husband reminded me what FLUFFY TOUGHIE means. So this Saturday we're going to see that little girl and if she likes and accepts us, she's comming home with us.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


We've just found out that one of the most active bloggers, InkBlots, who manages among others Inky The Hamster Mommy and Hamster Heart blogs, honoured our FLUFFY TOUGHIE little blog with The Versatile Blogger Award.
We are grateful for such appreciation, the first one in our short history but the truth is we wouldn't blog at all if it wasn't for our sirian hamster girl Lil' Lilly who lived her short life like a true fluffy toughie she was. So the reward goes to her since it won't be the same without her. When she left us there were some moments of doubts: should we continue...? Does it make any sense...? But there are many people keeping us going on and moreover - as Juergen from Roborowski Hamsters Addicted  YT channel told us - there are many hamsters in need craving for love. So this one thing we know for sure and you may consider it as our official statement: we are going to give home to more hamsters. So there's gonna be more fluffy toughie little stories.

These are the rules that go along with the award:  

1/ In a post on your blog, nominate 15 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award.

2/ In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.

3/ In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.

4/ In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.

5/ In the same post, include this set of rules.

6/ Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

 Here are the blogs I regard as worthy of the nomination (in alphabetical order):


These are the seven things about me:

1/ English is my second language.
2/ I'm married to my best friend.
3/ There is nothing I can't do if I rally want to.
4/ I also stream on You Tube via WANTED LOVED channel.
5/ My thoughts are furry and full of hamsters.
6/ I'm addicted to town building in TS3.
7/ For most of my life I thought hammies are silly. My first sirian hamster girl Lilly prooved to me that I couldn't be more wrong.