Thursday, 8 March 2012


...and today we were blessed once again. I don't believe in coincidences, do you...? Lilly left us on the 8th of February and on the 8th of March she's sending to us another hamster. Very special one: a hamster in need. I've been searching for sirian hamsters avalible near to my location for over half a month and didn't find any (!) until today when some old internet announcement got my attention, I don't know why because it didn't even cover my region. But something (someone little and furry...?) was telling me to make this call. So I made it thinking - What the hec! - and found out that there was a mistake and the announcement did apply to my very home city (!). But there was another disappointment waiting around the corner: very nice young woman I was talking to told me that all the little hammies she had have already found their new homes and there are no hammies avalible left. Normally I would thank her and hang up but we started to chat like woman to woman sharing our experience and when we broke the ice suddenly she confessed that actually there IS one hammie left but she didn't even mention her since she's lost an eye in a cage fight when she was about 3 weeks old and now nobody wants her what became a problem because the family soon moves to a place where no animals are allowed. You know what that means... Well, in the beginning I wasn't sure. I wasn't looking for a rescue hamster, but than my husband reminded me what FLUFFY TOUGHIE means. So this Saturday we're going to see that little girl and if she likes and accepts us, she's comming home with us.


  1. Yay, thats great, they have a funny way of telling us when its time to move on :)


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