Thursday, 26 April 2012


Treasure Island is light and healthy, but also extremely aromatic, irresistable dish. As you can see, Kropka couldn't wait to taste it - she even didn't let me photograph the composition properly. I guess it was worth a try, than. Let's go!

1 carrot
1 celeriac
1 apple (huge)
1 parsley

2 kitchen knifes (big and small)
1 chopping board
1 grater
1 flower pot

There will be no cooking this time. Just cutting and grating, and lots of it, so all the children are ment to ask their elders for help. But before we even start there's one thing to be done: we have to wash all of the vegetables (including parsley) and an apple. Let's get to the apple, shall we...? Having it washed and dried you don't need to peel it. What you need is to cut out of it as big (I mean: as wide) slice as possible so we're gonna need the big kitchen knife. Start near to the stem but far enough to avoid the seeds inside. The slice should be wide but thin and it's gonna be our juicy and sweet 'lagoon' (you may eat the rest of the apple). This 'lagoon' is ment to be placed on the top of the flower pot turned upside down. This is the base for our island. Now, to the salad. Peel the carrot and celeriac using the small kitchen knife, but be careful - celeriac is very visious vegetable: it's rough and hard so watch out and don't cut yourself instead of it. Having our vegetables peeled, take the grater. Grate a little bit of carrot and a little bit of celeriac using the wide, big holes. Mix carrot and celeriac pieces and put them on the apple slice. Now, the only thing missing on our exotic vitamin island is a palmtree so tear off a parsley leaf and plant it in the middle of the salad. Any pirates starving...? Course on the Treasure Island!


It is celeriac what gives this wonderful, strong aroma. You must have felt it while cutting and grating. This veggie is very healthy: supports immunological system and kidneys, helping to detoxicate organism. A must have in one's diet.


  1. Love the last little slide show of pictures! :D

    1. Hehe, so stay tuned because the movie is comming - DOOM OF THE TREASURE ISLAND - with Kropeczka starring ;-)

  2. Celeriac-- creative! I'll have to give this one a try :)

    1. Aw, yes, that's a one fine vegetable to eat. Kropeczka is crazy about it, also Lilly loved this root very much. I guess it's partly because of it's strong, significant smell and taste.

  3. Yes, love the slideshow with Kropka too :-) After reading this, I was buying celeriac today for the first time. Let's see if my robos like it too

    1. Hahaha, let me know whether they liked it or loved it ;-) Actually, this slideshow you're refering to is a simple gif (my first one). Sorry for the poor quality but I can't figure out how to make gifs look better. I took pictures in the best resolution and the animation still looks like crap. Any clues...?

    2. GIF is a very old format, only support 256 colors. To improve the quality, dithering is used, that's why this pictures look so noisy. So your animation is offering the best quality you can get. There is no alternative image-format all browsers support

    3. Aw, thanks... I didn't know that. I'm getting wiser ;-)


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