Thursday, 31 May 2012


Since the Summer is almost here and it's time to picnic my May proposition is banana and strawberry sandwich. This sweet and nutritious fastfood will provide your little fuzzy friend with vitamins and energy for even more stuffing.

1 banana
1 strawberry
1 drop of honey
a few corn grains
           (f.e. wheat, rye, oats)

1 kitchen knife
1 chopping board

1 teaspoon

There isn't much philosophy in making a sandwich, is it? Right, but first of all we have to wash our hands and ingredients (excluding honey and grain of course). Having it done you may pill the banana: always start with cutting off the non-stemmed end. What we really need are two average slices of the banana: not too thick and not too thin. Have you noticed how sticky the banana is...? Well, it's because of the starch it includes. For that reason hamsters shouldn't eat pieces of these fruits too often. Now, every sandwich needs a filling. That's when the strawberry enters. Just cut out of it one fine slice fitting your banana slices. Put the strawberry slice between the banana slices and you'll receive our sandwich. You may finish it by adding just one tiny drop of honey and grains at the top of it. And that's all. Have a nice picnic! :-)


While picking up a ready-to-eat banana in store always choose those brownish ones. They have the best flavour and the brown pattern prooves that most of banana's starch has turned into fructose. The best corns are in eco food shops.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup. That's her better profile ;-)

  2. Great photo! Kropka looks so nice! If you would change the cereals by pine nuts, I would love it too.

    1. Well, we both know Kropeczka isn't a beauty but she's got that magic little something what makes her charming :-) And I'm totally crazy about her and wouldn't change her to any other hamster. Pine nuts...? Hmm... I'm affraid they wouldn't do unless grated. They're just too big for a tiny banana sandwich :P

  3. No, I mean pine nuts kernals, they are very small, and some hamsters love them.


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