Friday, 30 November 2012


Last night Kropeczka scared the shit out of me. Even now I still have no idea what was that I saw yesterday... Let me start from the beginning: I was working on one of my novels late at night, next to her cage. Kropka was still sleeping (she sleeps alot this fall, as if she new the winter is comming) but suddenly I heard her rushing down the tubes. I turned to check on her and I realised that she was acting in a very strange and disturbing way: she was moving slowly, with her head like twisted to the right and her fur in a mess, and she appeared to me so... skiny and thin in comparison to the regular fur ball I saw in the morning... I took her out of the cage to examine her and once again she scared me, 'cause she lied on my hand like a ragdoll, with her feet hanging on both sides of my palm... And she was so quiet and unlikely still, closing her eyes as if she was very, very tired and craved for some sleep... I was caressing her and held in my arms for a long time. The problem was she was in heat last night and because of that I couldn't tell whether she was harmed or not (since she is always most excited when she's in heat and even when she's tired she can run like a rocket just to be stroked). Due to estabilish her condition, I put her on the carpet, just to see her moves, and once again, she was very dizzy, and sort of stretched-like, with this head pulling her right... It was a nightmare. I woke up my husband asking him to come and tell me what he sees and thinks 'cause - honestly - after Lilly I have all of those most horrible scenarios in my mind in a second when I see Kropeczka acting like that... Unfortunately, he also admitted, that she looks strange to him, so we were observing her together...

Once I saw her grooming herself and collecting some carrot pieces, I decided - whatever it is - I'll leave her alone, back in her cage, to let her get some sleep. And today, early in the morning, I checked her immediately: she was perfectly fine, doing all the things she usually does as if nothing ever happened, no sign of the yesterday disturbing behaviour... During the day the same: nothing strange, she was just calmly sleeping in her nest. So, I don't know. Maybe it's just the age... I'm not sure how old she is for real, maybe we all think she's about a year old and in fact she's like 1,5 for example...? The only thing I know is that I was freaking out last night because of her and I told her: Nawet się nie waż mnie teraz opuszczać, ty mała piratko...! Nie waż się mnie zostawiać...!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


At last...! I've just found time to post some actual photos of Kropeczka. For those who cared and wondered: we're doing fine, thank you. My little girl is now a proper, adult hamster with her habits and humours I have to deal with.


See what I'm talking about...? ;-) We get on well together, we also know each other better, now. I respect her likes and dislikes (although she doesn't respect mine, LOL), for example: once in a while Kropeczka needs some time for herself and - although she never protests - it's better to leave her alone, than. Well, not everybody has to be in a playful mode every time I am, right...? ;-) Aw, there's also this one thing I'm insanely happy with (I'm sure you've noticed): the ability of taking hamster pictures is slowly comming back to me! Yay...! :-D

This little precious soon will celebrate her first birthday. Once again, I have no idea which day she was born exactly, but her previous owner stated that it were last days of November or first days of December. But we won't guess: the "cake" will be served on the 1th of December. I will share the recipe, of course ;-)