Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Let us introduce you to this classical spaghetti dish containing all the flavours you could expect from traditional pasta. There is no surprises, just good old dinner in european style. Fresh vegetables seem to lighten this caloric course.

1 broccoli
1 red pepper
10 g of spaghetti pasta
300 ml of water


1 small pot

1 colander
1 small kitchen knife
1 chopping board
1 small saucer

Lets start from putting the colander into the cleaned, empty kitchen sink and than go to the boiling the pasta, shall we...? Pour the water to the pot and boil it on your stove (Caution! Do not use any salt or spices cooking for your pet!). Once the water is boiling add sphagetti but be careful - don't brake it. You may just leave it standing out of the pot, it will fall down to the water itself when it softens. Keep the pasta boiling as long as the producer advises. Usually it should take 7-8 minutes to make it al dente. After desired time take the pot out of the stove (Don't forget to turn off your cooker!) but once again be very careful 'cause the pot and it's content are extremaly hot (use your kitchen mittens). All you have to do is pour the content of the pot to the previously prepared colander. Once the pasta is there, rise the colander up and shake it few times so that the water run out. Leave it to cool down. In the meantime wash and dry your vegetables. Take the broccoli and cut one nice and round part off. Make it flat at the bottom. Place it in the center of your saucer (it's the base of our dish). Now, take the red pepper and check those four raised roundings in the non-stemed end. Cut one rounding off and than cut it half. Put it aside, it's going to be our edible decoration. It's time we get back to our cooled pasta. Take it out of the colander (if it's too sticky, wash it with cold water). Arrange all of the spaghetti ribbons in your hand so that their endings are evened and place them gently on the saucer wrapping around the broccoli. Leave the green broccoli top visible and finally add those two previously prepared pepper slices. And... Voila! You've just prepared your own Spaghetti A La Maison dish by Fluffy Toughie for your little furry friend. Bon appetit...!

If you really wish your pet all the best you may want to use the best quality products. Considering traditional pasta there are no better products than those made of semolina - the milled product of durum wheat (or other hard wheat).

Monday, 20 February 2012


Lilly has gone and we've stuck with tons of unpublished photos and videos. Like many people before and after us we thought there's still time. Well, there wasn't. She faded away in two days, like a flower, while she was still in bloom...

Now I wanna show you a little bit different Lilly, the Lilly you've never known. If you can spare half an hour you may live her whole life with us once more but if you gonna watch this you'd better get yourself a tissue; some tears may fall...

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Usually when I'm down I write but sometimes when it's really hard and I don't know what to do I draw. It keeps me going. Here's what came to me this time:

I just thought you might like it, since you liked Lilly and I pictured her. I love this drawing so from now on it's going to be a part of our Wanted Loved logo.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


My Lil' Lilly passed away at 6.10 a.m. this morning while she was still in my arms: caressed, kissed and blessed. I had the whole night to thank her and tell her all the things I wanted her to know and remember at The Rainbow Bridge.

We were together one year and two days. I've still got hands full of her, still hear her crunching, trotting and spinning in the neighbouring room. I don't understand. I can't believe it happened so fast. I can't believe her cage is empty. She took me by surprise, as usually, my lil' fluffy toughie. So I sang her the last lullaby. I whispered in her ear that I love her much. And I let her go...

For this journey I packed her: a bunch of peanuts and hazelnuts (she was crazy about them), scent of home on her favourite cotton bedding, my tears and her birthday cake. Bah, the cake... Once she fell asleep I made her the one I planned anyway: heart shaped, red beet and celeriac. She would love it, I'm sure. And she... She left me... and she left for me: her scent on my clothes, heart shaped nut shell in her playground and... tons of wonderful memories.


...Lilly's little hand between my fingers...
...her begging eyes asking to lift her up...
...scent of nuts on her fur...
...the view of Lilly with her leg inside her ear... 
...special way of grooming we called face-off...
...crunching, scratching and digging in the corners...
...eating from my hand...
...the kiss...
...and all of those common daily things 
we generally call love 
most of all...
...her last breath...

Now - please - excuse me for a while.
I've got outstanding dream to dream.
A year after Lilly's departure I've found my husbands notes while cleaning our desk. He told me, he wanted to give them to me back than, but he eventually forgot because of being very busy those days. With his permission, and with great emotion, I'm publishing them now (4th March 2013) to always remember:

Oh Lilly, Oh Lilly
You're brave but not silly
You're a Lady, but not a baby
Always playing in the moon
Take us by a surprise and gone too soon
Always has cristal clear furhair
This is just fucking unfair...
She was never left alone
even while her last beath of relief (freedom)
She gave us joy and hapiness
I want to thank...

wpis na stronie Lilly -
o przyjaźni L i M i ostatnich chwilach radościach, psotach, nawykach i humorkach, foszkach i innych słodkościach...
O najlepszej i najczulszej Pańci na świecie
O problemach i ich przemijaniu

Z godnością znosiła swoje cierpienie, co nas zmyliło, ponieważ, jak każda dama, nie okazywała tego na zewnątrz.

I kept the oryginal spelling because it shows how moved my dearest husband was, writing this for our little fuzzy friend, who was no longer with us. It moves me to tears even now...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


It looks like we're running out of time. We took the prescription and bought the new medicine immediately. Again, I'm gonna write down Lilly's medical treatement day by day because it helps dealing with that mess inside my mind.

And these are the new medicaments:
- Biseptol (sulphonamide) - 0,05 ml twice a day,
- Lakcid (probiotic) - 1/5 of normal human dose twice a day,
- since Lilly is in very poor condition the vet and I agreed to suspend her daily belly massages.

Biseptol is the same as Bactrim (200 mg Sulfamethoxazolum plus 40 mg Trimethoprimum). It's a bacteriostatic solution for children (tastes like wild strawberries) and doesn't need to be mixed with water but (please!) remember:


DAY 1:
Monday, 06.02.2012 

This is the day when Lilly suddenly got worse in the morning. A sudden strike. She drunk alot but refused to eat. Her urine became clear, almost like water and she weights only 182 g now. She also had troubles with moving around. She tried to groom herself but she gave up as if it was too tiresome. I had to wash her paws and her rear end for her because the pudding-like mucus flows although during the last two weeks there were some days without it. I left her alone for a few hours in her nest, in quiet, but in the evening there was no improvement. That's when I gave her first dose of Biseptol and Lakcid. She also took a crumb of cheese from my hand but refused to receive any seeds or even her favourite nuts. She had troubles with walking upstairs to her nest so I helped her and reduced the cage tubes to only one level. Watching her sleeping I realized her breath is different: more rapid and light. So was the sleep itself. Actually, she looked like she was sitting, squatted down. For the first time I thought that maybe surgery is not such a bad idea, after all. But I'm not sure...

DAY 2:
Tuesday, 07.02.2012 

I checked her twice during the night; nothing changed. In the morning forced her to take her medicine but she barely swallowed. During the day I was watching her becoming weaker and weaker. I didn't even have to weight her. She wasn't able to reach her tube nest, instead she crawled under the platform so I gave her more cotton bedding and she lied there. I couldn't leave her just like that so I was nursing her in my arms since she seemed to feel calm and safe being stroked. In the evening she got glucose injection from a vet and than stayed in my arms for a long time but we observed no improvement. The vet told us to leave her alone to rest but I had this feeling, this strange feeling that I owe her this night, this one special night for whole the time she spent with me. So I stayed up, caressing my beloved one and realizing she was getting more and more cold inside. I understood she was leaving me. But still I can't believe.

DAY 3:
Wednesday, 08.02.2012 

Today at 6.10 A.M. my sweet little Lilly passed away.

Later that day the autopsy revealed that the cause of death wasn't pyometra at all; Lilly's uterus was still infected but clean thanks to medicine and womb massages. It was asymptomatic polycystic liver disease what took her away from us. Two days ago one of the bigger cysts burst and run to the abdomen. There was nothing we could do. Isn't it ironic...? You  think that you took care of everything, that you have everything under control and that's when life proves you how terribly you're wrong. After all those efforts... I wanna scream.

Monday, 6 February 2012


This post was supposed to be about Lilly's First Year With Us Anniversary but it won't be. She's got worse today and looks like she's in pain. It's almost afternoon now and she's been tree times at her water dispenser to drink so far. It's not her normal behaviour. But the worst thing is that she acts as if she was drunk or partly paralized moving slowly with dizzy eyes and fur in mess. She's also grinding her teeth and refuses receiving her favourite treats. So with tears in my eyes I called our veterinarian. He told me that such a behaviour is often noticed and linked with pyometra. In most cases it means internal infection. We have to try another antibiotic. I'm crushed. She's been so vivid and happy lately. And now this... She's only about one year and one month old now. On the 6th of February 2011 I brought her home in a cardboard box. She was so tiny. And today, when I held her in my hands, she looked like a fading flower...

P.S. This evening Lilly's first birthday present arrived: the finest, the biggest spinning wheel I've found avalible. It's made of natural wood, it's 29 cm high and it was ment to be placed inside our wardrobe which is Lilly's playground.

Lilly saw it but hasn't try it yet. This night her state became worse: she drinks but barely she eats, barely she grooms herself. I had to help her clean her bottom surroundings and paws, and nose... She moves with visible effort. Today she couldn't even climb on a low platform inside her cage. I'm calm but the tears are right under the surface... It's so sudden. Just when I thought everything's gonna be all right. I know it's life and 'only' a hamster but it hurts.