Friday, 27 July 2012


Hello, I just wanted to share with you this story. Kropeczka likes listening to my voice, especially when I sing to her. She's got her one favourite lullaby and when she hears it, she slowly starts to close her eye and falls asleep. The only part of Kropka that moves than is her little ear, the one that's closer to my lips.


Yesterday evening I took Kropeczka with me to the living room, on the couch. I was tired and didn't really feel like crowling on the floor along with her. My husband was watching TV and I was holding her in my arms and let her run all over me. At some point I must have took a nap, or at least I was at the edge of sleep - you know that funny feeling of being half concious? ;-) Well, in this funny state I just felt Kropeczka trotting towards my face, finding this warm place where the neck meets the shoulders. She stopped there and after a while she streched like a dog in there, with her front paws ahead and... she took her nap, too :-) When I realised, I barely moved not to disturb her. It was amazing feeling, to have her so warm and trusting so close. It was for the first time, never before she did this. She must feel really safe with us. I'm happy she does.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hello everyone! :-) It's been a while. I've been busy putting Kropka's new zombie movie together ;-) The one I promised to you looong time ago. Well, it wasn't easy considering the fact that I had to have my new novel finished and the whole family is preparing for my brother's wedding. :-) But here is the vid:

To be honest, I've had this funny and annoying feeling that I forgot something and now I reminded myself what it was: I totally missed the June ingredient in Inky's Recipe Challenge. I don't know whether Inky's gonna let me enter it, but I think I'll do the grapes anyway. Just for fun. Along with celery, perhaps ;---)