Sunday, 2 December 2012


Somehow I almost forgot to mention another prize, The Super Sweet Blogging Award prize, this time given to us by Hannah from Animal Tails blog. I'm very grateful for it. It's a very pleasant feeling, to win something, although - to be honest - my little piratess Kropka doesn't give a damn. If it was for a nut... ;---)

Anyway, dear Hannah, don't worry because I do care about such a yummy treats as in the badge above ;-) Thank you once again for your appreciation. It means alot to me. I hope you'll find even more sweetness in here in the future.

Saturday, 1 December 2012


On the first day of December, as it had been settled, we celebrated Kropeczka's first birthday. We don't care she may be probably a little bit elder; we craved for a party and we got one! The most important was a cake, so I made one using my secret celeriac and red beet recipe, saved for a special occasion like this :-)

The birthday cake was served inside Kropka's cage. I did remember, of course, to put off and take out the candle first. It was standing there: juicy, sweet and ready to eat, waiting for the noble jubilat who wasn't appearing (!). Well, it was one of those days when our little Kro leaves her nest barely and unwillingly...

When our super star finally left the tubes, she was moody, sleepy and really surprised; she didn't expect any celebration at all. To be honest, she wasn't quite happy about this Huge Smelly Something standing in the middle of the cage, on the road to her toilet and she actually had no idea what to do with it

For a long time she was sniffing the air, balancing on the edge of the platform, before she realised that this strange thing may actually be edible, but even than she didn't dare to take a bite. It was me who had to have it cut into pieces and give some to her. Only than she liked it and rushed with it quickly to her nest.

She only came back for one piece more and closed the tube entrance with some of her bedding to make sure she won't be disturbed. She was so pleased with the two pieces she got, that she was eating them and groomed herself (not mentioning sleeping) for the rest of the night. So much for the celebration ;-)

Whoa! And a gift, of course, I totally forgot about the gift; as a birthday present for Kropeczka I reorganized one of her cages by adding two cartoon boxes filled with deep litter to dwell in. I also warmed up one side of the cage bars (next to the window) with natural cotton and moved around tube entries to make some room for the improvements listed above. She loved, I mean LOVED them! :-D