Monday, 7 January 2013


Dear readers and fellow bloggers, it's a pleasure to share with you the latest news: it turnes out that my Fluffy Toughie hamster blog has been granted by Hannah from Animal Tails  with The Most Promising Blog 2012 Award. Yay!

It was also a runner up for The Best Hamster Blog 2012 Award, which eventually went to an exquisite Hamster Diaries  blog. Congratulations, Hamster Diaries, and thank you, Hannah, for your time spent on our badges :-)

I must admit that my award made me think a few things over. Hannah is right stating that I kind of abandoned my blog lately. But it's not entirely my fault, you know. Since I'm an adult, there are many things that need my attention and as long as the day has only 24 hours sometimes I have to give up blogging to deal with my responsibilities. There's such nasty thing as DUTY and - unfortunately - it is more important than any pleasure, including blogging about my beloved hamsters. Please, be so kind to understand, that if I'm to choose between blogging and taking care of Kropeczka, I'll always go for spending my time on her. No offence. I'm sure you'd do the same in my shoes.


  1. I'm so sorry! I didn't mean the award in an offensive way! I meant it that I know you don't have a lot of time, but when you do update your blog it is really good, so I wanted to give you an award! I didn't mean to say you were wrong not to update your blog, I know that life as an adult is very busy and there are more important things than blogging.
    I am so sorry if I offended you.

    1. Dearest Hannah, but you haven't offend me in any way...! :*) You made me THINKING and that's a hudge difference ;-) Like I said, I'm grateful for this particular prize because thanks to it I realised I really should come back to writing about Kropeczka. And so I'll try :-)


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