Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Promisses, promisses... To keep my word, I have to post at least once a month ;-) The January is ending so here it is: the most exquisite photo session, a behind-the-scenes stuff, one might say. This wasn't intented, so forgive me the pictures quality. Last night I was trying to photograph my Auri - an Asian Ball Jointed Doll (if you're not familiar with the term and interested, google it, it's worth it). As a temporary stage I chose Kropeczka's playground, so - as you may guess - she wasn't as pleased as Auri was. To make the long story short:

Kropeczka sneaked to the background...

...hid behind unaware Auri...

...let us know what she's thinking of this situation presenting her little macaroni-like tail...

...tried to literally bite Auri out off the modelling business since Kropeczka is the one and only star allowed in here...

...took her chance to bring herself to the forefront...

...not succeding, she got depressed...

 ...like a stumbling ghost haunted the foreground few times more...

...to eventually curl up into a little fur ball and sleep over the best part of the after-party :-)


  1. Hi,

    gratulation to the award! :-) You know I like your style of writing
    Nice combination of Kropka and doll. This dolls looks amazing realistic and have a real personality. 1000 times better than classic dolls like Barbie. How much does a doll cost? Like her dress, shoes ... I like miniatures and cute things, maybe thats why I like dwarf hamsters so much. :-)
    Is this a hazelnut in her hand? And Kropka didn't realized this? :-) Seems that she was too excited. Hope she is doing fine.

    Today, Randy was the second time in the animal hospital because of a cancer operation. I recognized this night, that there was a tumor growing so fast on his front body side again. Two weeks ago I was at the doctor because he was loosing his fur at this area. The diagnosis was (possibly) mites. Same wrong diagnosis was made two weeks before Theresa died because of cancer. :-( So I was not very convinced Randy will survive this day. Next week he will be 2 years old. But, he is doing fine now. Was eating directly after the operation. He lost a lot of weight. At home he was first using his wheel. Sure, he is very weak now. It's so great that his life was saved a second time.
    And it's very nice you decided to post once a month. What is your writing doing?

    1. First things first: I'm so sorry to hear about Randy :-( Is this the reason you don't upload as many hamster videos as you used to...? Poor little thing, he must have suffered a huge pain and inconvenience... I'm crossing my fingers for him. My friend told me once that rodents' brain part which is in charge of emotions is very similar to the human one. That means our little hamster friends really FEEL sadness or lonelyness, etc. I'm sure your presence will do him the best. Just let him feel your love, let him know that you're around...

      As for the BJDs, yes, it's true: the stylisations given to these most customizable dolls are often stunning :-) You can not even compare them to Barbies, in fact, those two have nothing in common. BJDs pices can vary strongly, depening on what kind of doll you'd love to buy and what stylisation you'd like for it, but they are considered to be rather expensive. There are many artists and factories selling their dolls. Most of them in South Korea (that's where my Auri comes from), Japan and China, but also in other places. As far as I remember there is a good, reliable dealer in Germany, too. The best place to start with this most addicting hobby is Den Of Angels forum and/or one of your local BJD forums. I'm sure there are some in Germany :-) If you have any other questions I'll gladly answer them in e-mail :-) Greetings!

    2. Aw, and my writing is doing fine, thanks :-) Actually, I'm working on a new novel and that's why I can not post as often as I would like to :-)I'm also planning a diorama for Auri, so - you know... ;-) If you like cuteness this is the site of the company my Auri came from: http://dollfairyland.com/index.php Auri is a MINIFEE, but check also the REAL PUKI and PUKI PUKI section for cuteness :-D

    3. Auri looks better than all the dolls on dollfairyland.com. Good choice. Was it a christmas present of yourself? But I don't like this Puki dolls. They are laughing all the time and are to conventional to me. And I'm not interested to buy a BJD :-) but I love creative an well made stuff

    4. I see... :-) I think I know what BJDs may interest you more, than, try this one: http://www.iplehouse.net/index.php :---) No, Auri wasn't a Christmas gift... I have her since last summer. I was saving for her for a long time but she's worth every penny I spent on her. I'm glad you like her :-) I'm planning to make a diorama for her soon, I'll show you some photos if I succeed :-)


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