Friday, 15 February 2013


I've noticed a funny thing lately: Kropeczka is active only till her nest and pantry are full. After filling them with bedding and food, she barely leaves them, even if I bring some treats for her, trying to lure her out of her hideout. 

Once you (by a miracle) get her out, though, the common hoarding rush starts all of a sudden and Kropeczka turnes into a little fuzzy mad vacuum - cleaner.

But even than not all the grain is desired, oh no, it's much more complicated than that regarding Kropeczka, who has nutrition preferences of her very own.

For example, the wheat is despised and that's quite odd thing, because it's very sweet and nourishing grain we're talking about. Meantime, rye and spelt rule.

Those little fluffy chics, don't let them decive you, as they are chic-pouches, in fact, and can stratch to giantic sizes to store the huge amounts of hoarded food.

There is one rule, though, common to all kinds of food: anything eaten directly from the owner's hand tastes better...! You may have the same in your bowl and don't even look at it unless your owner delivers it right into your mouth :-)

Friday, 8 February 2013


Today is what we've called The Quiet Day. This is the first anniversary of our goodbye to Lilly. I still remember like it was yesterday so the sadness is lurking in the corners... Luckily, there's something more hiding in the shadows...

...a little ray of light warming my face after the cold rain...

...fuzzy little cloud of joy wandering my skies...

... another small wonder I could never deserve...

...the true companion of my sleepless nights...

...a freak like me...

...a friend.


Tuesday, 5 February 2013


With the beginning of the new year I decided to implement some major changes in Kropeczka's life. The thing is she's not getting younger. Although she's still vivid and plays eagerly, I've noticed some activities drain her energy. Remember her tubes...? Well, I realised the two highest sections of them need to be lowered. It obviously started to take some effort from Kropka to climb them. That's why I rearanged the whole tube labirynth to make it more accessable and convenient for her. Both of her nests are on the same level now.

I also managed to exclude every high, vertical ascend, without limiting the space inside the tubes. Kropeczka likes the new arrengement very much. Now she runs through her tubes even faster and more eagerly. It makes me happy.