Tuesday, 5 February 2013


With the beginning of the new year I decided to implement some major changes in Kropeczka's life. The thing is she's not getting younger. Although she's still vivid and plays eagerly, I've noticed some activities drain her energy. Remember her tubes...? Well, I realised the two highest sections of them need to be lowered. It obviously started to take some effort from Kropka to climb them. That's why I rearanged the whole tube labirynth to make it more accessable and convenient for her. Both of her nests are on the same level now.

I also managed to exclude every high, vertical ascend, without limiting the space inside the tubes. Kropeczka likes the new arrengement very much. Now she runs through her tubes even faster and more eagerly. It makes me happy.


  1. That's the way we have to make it. Watching your hamster and recognize what problems or preferences our little friend has. The same I was doing with Samson and Randy. So Samson got many hidings, because he is very shy and Randy complex places to make him busy when searching for food and make life in the cage not that boring. Good job. The best reward is when we can make our hamsters happy :-)

    1. That's right :-) Kropeczka loves her cage so much that she doesn't like going outside anymore and if I take her out of the cage after few minutes she comes to me begging to put her back into it, LOL. Well, no wonder: inside of the cage she's got everything she needs, so what's the point in running the circles on the carpet... That's something little hammies do, adult hamsters are better than that ;-)


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