Friday, 15 February 2013


I've noticed a funny thing lately: Kropeczka is active only till her nest and pantry are full. After filling them with bedding and food, she barely leaves them, even if I bring some treats for her, trying to lure her out of her hideout. 

Once you (by a miracle) get her out, though, the common hoarding rush starts all of a sudden and Kropeczka turnes into a little fuzzy mad vacuum - cleaner.

But even than not all the grain is desired, oh no, it's much more complicated than that regarding Kropeczka, who has nutrition preferences of her very own.

For example, the wheat is despised and that's quite odd thing, because it's very sweet and nourishing grain we're talking about. Meantime, rye and spelt rule.

Those little fluffy chics, don't let them decive you, as they are chic-pouches, in fact, and can stratch to giantic sizes to store the huge amounts of hoarded food.

There is one rule, though, common to all kinds of food: anything eaten directly from the owner's hand tastes better...! You may have the same in your bowl and don't even look at it unless your owner delivers it right into your mouth :-)


  1. I think the word owner is wrong. No one can own someone other. Vending machine or snack holder is the better choise. ;-)
    Yes, in our hand is the best food. So I'm very careful what I serve them. But currently both of my hamsters are very curious, specially Randy. I can give him sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews and even meal worms, he don't like them anymore. They prefere vegetables, specially turtle vine. Maybe because it's winter and green fodder is very valuable at this season?
    When I saw the first picture, I thought you have a new hamster :-) It was long ago I saw my hamsters with big pouches like Kropka. Today my boys will be lucky, because I was ordering a lot of new food. Must be delivered in few hours. It's very interesting to find out what they like an what they don't. I have a special dish with 10 equal slots for testing. It's totaly surprising and incalculable every time.
    Can you tell me more about your writing? What story and can we sell your books?

  2. My books are still work in progress but one of my latest shorter novels is waiting to be published in a Polish SF magazine (I'm still waiting for their decision so keep your fingers crossed).

    Haha, if you wanted to experiment on Kropka with your ten-slot-dish you'd be surprised 'cause most likely she'd hoard everything at once, LOL.

    I wonder... Does Randy and Samson sleep more in the Winter...? Kropeczka does and so did Lilly.

  3. Your are very special, writing sci fi :-) What is the story about? I was thinking about writing sci fi too, more about writing a screenplay, but I don't like reading so I'm not a good writer. I have great ideas wondering there was no film about it till now.

    After 2 days, Randy and Samson left 95% of the new food untouched. The dish will have to stay a little bit longer in the cage. As I wrote before, they currently prefere green food.
    No Samson and Randy didn't sleep longer than they do in the summer. Maybe they are special, because Roborovski hamsters live in dessert like areas. Randy is awake every 2th hours

  4. Kropeczka has become very grumpy: as long as her nest is empty she goes out eagerly to hoard some food but once it's filled up with threats, she doesn't give a damn about me ;-) I guess your idea of "human food dispenser" is correct :-D

    As for my writing, I haven't used to share my ideas in public untill the job is done. What I can tell you (thank you for your interest) is that I'm usually working on few different things at the same time, some less and some more tough SF, you might say. There are some postapocalyptic words involved, other dimmensions and the universe, but also some witchcraft and adventures in other stories :-)


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