Thursday, 14 March 2013


I was about to post about Kropeczka's first Anniversary with us but the only news that occupy my mind right now are sad. Very sad. After a normal, vivid and happy day full of hoarding and nesting because of cleaning the cage, last night Kropeczka suddenly felt very bad: I found her in her nest twisted as if she was partially paralized or in great pain. In my arms she felt like a ragdoll so about 2 a.m. we took her to the 24h Vet Clinic, my husband and I. It was freezing cold, so I wrapped the transporter in my woolen hat and so we got to the place which is - thankfully - not far from our home. Thanks God, there was a rodent specialist on the nightwatch, so Kropeczka was obducted thoroughly. The USG prooved that she's got two enormous cists (2 cm and 1 cm) near her liver that cause so much pain and phisical discomfort. The vet said, it's incurable. Without a surgery she's gonna get worse and worse. I love her very much [crying] and as much as I don't want to loose her, I don't want her to suffer for vain. So I decided we'll take the risk. If I'm to choose between putting her down or trying the surgery, I'm gonna fight for her till the end. I still have in mind her sight when she was USG examined, being held by me: her one eye so wise and conscious, staring at me constantly, as if she - patient and quiet like never before - KNEW we want to help her. In the night she got a painkiller and antiseptic, and this evening we're to come back for the check out. That's when the final decision will be made. I'm watching her sleeping now, but she's waking once in a while, grinding her teeth, which means she suffers huge discomfort. Please, say a pray for this sweet little God's creature.


  1. I'll be praying for you guys, keep us posted. :(

  2. Thank you, Aimee. Maybe it's partly because of your prays we happened to get the best possible rodent vet in Gdynia. Unfortunately, Kropeczka didn't make it.


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