Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Few days have passed... The anger has faded away, along with the despair that made me blame myself of what has happened. I smoothly came through denial, resignation and sadness phases, now - it seems - only lonelyness has left. Friends, as usual, are being most helpful. Their words of comfort and understanding have power to lift up and repair a broken heart. What helped me alot, was also this article here written by our dear Holly from Dashing Hamsters blog, who in a simple and toughtful manner analises the process of mourning. Holly herself has experienced a terrible loss lately (for no reason the both of her two months old hammies left together in their sleep) so her words mean much to me. Especially this fragment brought some peace into my mind:

Finding a pet already gone is different, but no less difficult, than having to decide whether or not to euthanize them if they are ill or hurting. In that situation, as a pet parent it is your responsibility to decide what is best for your pet over what you may feel is best for you. It is easy to let your emotions cloud your judgement, but it is essential that you do assess their quality of life. If they are only going to get worse, if they are living in constant pain, if the bad days are more frequent than the good days than it may be time to help your pet pass peacefully.

[Dealing with Death, Dashing Hamsters Blog by Holly, 2013-02-27 ] 

The pain is getting weaker slowly, and I know one day it will be gone, just like everything in this world. The circle of life will renew itself and - most probably - we will give a loving home to another little fluffy toughie. Sooner or later there will be only love in my heart and sweet memories about Kropeczka The Little Piratess. She was great inspiration so - who knows - maybe one day I'll write down all of those adventurous stories of her that wander my mind and haunt my dreams...? Even though, she will always be missed, just like Lil' Lilly is...


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