Monday, 4 March 2013


Last night I filled Kropeczka's bowl with fresh water. This morning I found the bowl empty. Entirely. The litter beside the bowl was wet - seems like the whole water sunk into it. The bowl itself, which is glass and heavy, stood like I had left it: untouched. Now, would anybody tell me, what Kropeczka has done? How the hec she managed to pour all the water around without turning over the bowl?! Did she carry it in her cheekpouches...? Do your hamsters do that, too...? :-)


  1. She's a witch! Now you have to think about how to participate of her magic forces. Would not be easy, but think about the possibilities! But be careful, maybe not you control Kropka, maybe she is controlling you! Find out where she got her forces from and keep care when stars come out in the night.
    ...your next story ;-)

  2. Hehehe, you've got the point ;-)

  3. Water BOWL? You put water in a bowl? Doesn't your hamster get wet and get chilled? I guess I only have a dwarf hamster, but I thought most people use water bottles. How does the bowl work? I am very intrigued. :D

    1. :-D Yes, I do put water for Kropeczka in a bowl :-) If you chose to check the very few posts about her, you'd get to know, that she was adopted when she was about 3 month old, with her own habits, and she didn't want to use a water dispenser at all, although I tried to teach her. So, what the hec, I thought, and I simply let her using the bowl :-) Not even once she had troubles with it: she always acts like a lady while driking, as you may see for example here:

      So, yes, there's nothing weird in a hamster drinking from a bowl. To come to think, it's even more natural for them, as in the nature there are no water dipensers, just some ponds ;-)

      But there is one condition: the water must be changed daily to keep it fresh. I do it and we've had no problems with it at all so far :-)

    2. I guess when I think about it it is more natural. :D Thanks for the response!


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