Saturday, 11 May 2013


It's hard to believe it's been the whole week since we brought Nutka home. Judging by my experience I can tell she's not accomodating easily. Still she's very careful while treading and leaves her temporary nest only late at night...

But we've also had our little successes: I've already stroked her few times and she eagerly takes treats from my hand (she also happened to climeb it once) so I believe we'll get there in time. No rush. By the way, Nutka's fur is very soft :-)

By now, it's only her rare fluffy end I'm allowed to touch, but it's much anyway for a few-days-long acquaintance, isn't it...? ;-) It seems Nutka loves fresh greens. While she's busy with it, you could do with her whatever you want to ;-)


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    1. Hello, Azra, Nutka waves to you with her little paw! :-) How are you...? Do you still own hamsters or do they own you...? ;-)

    2. I am good here. Now I already have six! :)

    3. Wow, that's alot of little furballs to feed :-D

  2. She is like Samson. Shy and he also love fresh greens. Maybe this preference of food will decrease the risk to get cancer. This also accord to my little experiences. With over 29 month Samson is my oldest hamster.

    1. I'm glad to hear Samson is all right. Yes, you've got the point: Nutka is very, very shy. She's got her moments of crazyness, eating from my hand and even letting me stroking her, but often she just hides in the corner, turning her back on me as if I was a hidious monster she doesn't want to have nothing in common with ;-) I observe her and by now I know she prefers shady hideouts to the open space. Also, she doesn't give a damn about the world outside the cages. She's totally happy exploring the inside.

    2. Sounds not very uncommon. She is shy because of her nature and all the new stuff. So if she get comfortabel with the environment and the situation, she surely will get more interested of all the things in the world around her.

    3. You're probably right. But there's more to it, I guess: she's just got a different character. For example, she's my first hamster who totally despites the transparent bulbs, taking the tubes only for a passage, not the nest. The nest is outside them (made of one of the bulbs, as the paper tube got dirty with the urine), with it's own entrance made of a piece of the tube. That's where she feels best. In a few days I'm gonna make a proper clay burrow for her and place it in this very, chosen spot, so that Nutka has a good, natural and healthy home. I'm gonna need your tutorial, than ;-)


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