Saturday, 19 October 2013


It wasn't late at night although it was very cold and dark outside. We were sitting in a cosy living room, my husband and I, with the curtains shut. I heard Nutka is awake so I rushed to let her out. I took her with me to the living room and let her play on the sofa, next to us. Suddenly - she must have heard something we didn't - she froze and then (before I even blinked) she jumped from the sofa straight onto the floor squicking out of fear! Thanks God the carpet there is quite thick and soft... The next thing she did was rushing under our thick, long curtains. She vanished behind them so I followed her. I drew back the curtains and... I almost fainted. It turned out that the balcony door was opened all the time (my husband left it that way and forgot to tell me). I stared into the cold darkness behind the doorstep picturing scared Nutka falling out of the fourth floor balcony... I couldn't catch my breath and was about to scream when I noticed a little movement in the corner of the room, behind the curtain. Yes, it was Nutka! Words can't describe my relief... I don't have to tell you how I yelled at my husband, but it's hard to blame him: he's so tired after work... From that moment I don't trust even myself while taking her out of the cage and check everything twice in case my Guardian Angel is busy...

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