Saturday, 11 May 2013


It's hard to believe it's been the whole week since we brought Nutka home. Judging by my experience I can tell she's not accomodating easily. Still she's very careful while treading and leaves her temporary nest only late at night...

But we've also had our little successes: I've already stroked her few times and she eagerly takes treats from my hand (she also happened to climeb it once) so I believe we'll get there in time. No rush. By the way, Nutka's fur is very soft :-)

By now, it's only her rare fluffy end I'm allowed to touch, but it's much anyway for a few-days-long acquaintance, isn't it...? ;-) It seems Nutka loves fresh greens. While she's busy with it, you could do with her whatever you want to ;-)

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Let me introduce the new tenant - Nutka :-) I was writing about her in the previous post, now I would like to share some quick pictures of her I've taken lately. They are low quality since she's still very hectic and frightened easily so I'm trying not to scare her with the camera. Hopefully, soon I'll be able to present better shots, maybe even some close ups of this sweet little black bear.

Because of Nutka's age (about 3 months) and the fact that she practicaly doesn't know a human touch (except of rough pet store occasional treatment while cleaning, feeding or moving her to another location), I may encounter some difficulties in the taming process. I'm aware of that, but I'm also faithfull 'cause Nutka is very trusting: she's already happened to touch my nose with her nose and took a piece of an apple from my fingers. First of all I had to solve another problem, though: very quickly it turned out that the top part of the tubes which connects two cage sections together is too high after all. I had to rearrange the whole construction just to lower it a lil' bit, enough to be climbed at. Here it is:

Thus far, Nutka is living (sleeping) in the second cage (closer to the flower), where she's made herself a cosy little burrow in the cartoon tuba hidden in the litter. That's where she spends the day. In the night she's moving to the first cage (under the bulbs), where she's running in the spinning wheel almost whole night long. For now it seems that the tubes and their transparent bulbs are only the passage, not the apartment ;-) It's so uncommon behaviour in comparison to Lilly's and Kropeczka's habits! I wonder if it'll change in time...

Thursday, 2 May 2013


...It sounds like the spinning wheel in the cage is turning again and I'm laughing, smiling at last :-) There's a new melody in my heart, as sudden as sweet. Her name is Nutka (which in my language means little note, like in music transcription). She's about 3 months old and is the true wild thing, although very elegant one, wearing black fur with a white tie and sleeves, just like conductors do ;-) I'll show her later, because today I didn't want to bother her with the camera: she's more tired than curious so fell asleep early this afternoon, after examining the first cage and falling in love with the spinning wheel (although she hasn't discover neither the tubes nor the passage to the second cage yet). It seems like we got another olimpic hamster with an urge for breaking speed records but that's good: this young lady won't get bored easily ;-)

How did this happen...? Well, to be honest, I did't plan this. On the contrary, today I was going to take the cleaned cages to the cellar. To make the long story short: my husband and I went shopping, but he had to turn back to find some kind of our vehicle part that fell off the rim during the ride. He left me alone in the hypermarkt parking. I got bored and went inside just to spent almost 1,5 hour in the local pet store, staring at Nutka who charmed me with her vigorous energy and grace. First of all I kindly asked the shop supervisor to change her wheel, as it was way too small for a grown up hamster. The woman was wise enough to do so almost immediately and I had the time of my life watching Nutka exploring her new swing. "At least that I can do for you, little one", I though back than. Eventually, my husband came back and we went shopping, but I couldn't stop thinking about this little black devil. I guess the decision was made subconsciously in the first minute I saw her, as it was love at first sight ;-) Well, we did what we had to do, came back home, prepared the cages (I gave the new look to the tubes, more fancy but without any long, chimney-like ascensions) and we simply came back for our little Nutka to bring her home as another true fluffy toughie who deserves the best. The thing is, she wouldn't make it if we didn't take her: she was the last one hamster left from the previous litter, 3 months old, while next to her box there was a bunch of tiny, sweetest hammies squicking to be bought, so what was her chances for the new home...? None, I'd say. Except of us kidnapping her to our hamster paradise :-)