Thursday, 27 February 2014


No pictures this time, since I didn't manage to take any because of Nutka's traditional agility, just the raw story. It comes down to the fact, that she's nearly gave me heart attack and almost served herself a tracheotomy. As serious as it may sound, she's perfectly fine, although it took me a while to estabilish the facts. The thing is few days ago I noticed that her dewlap is covered all over with a one, huge, red scab. There were no blood traces inside or outside the cage, so I have completely no idea how she managed to hurt herself so badly (at first I thought it was beet juice). Nevertheless, she doesn't seem to act like it bothered her. She's active, vivid as usual. It was pain in the ass to hold her in a proper position to make her show the injury to me but I eventually had a chance to examine the wound. It was clean, it was closed up, no visible exudation, so I left it to heal naturally. It's the second time Nutka hurts herself. First the nose, now the dewlap. I don't know what she's up to. None of my hamsters have ever had such issues and I'm pretty sure the environment I provide is safe for them. Still, somehow Nutka keeps on falling into trouble. I simply can not think of anything I could do more or better to prevent it. I've checked everything and found nothing. Any ideas anyone...? :-/

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