Saturday, 15 February 2014

PAWS, PAWS, PAWS...! *___*

I don't know how about you, guys, but I'm totally in love with hamster little paws *_* I just adore (!) Nutka's sweet, chubby fingers and soft paw-pillows :-)

And did you know that hamsters do not need any kind of manicure or pedicure at all...? If only you deliver something they can scratch (sticks, wood, stones, clay, bark and so on) they can manage themselves, no human help needed :-)))

Nevertheless, every now and then I check on Nutka's nails: everything seems to be peachy right now...! :-) My little lady... [kiss, kiss] So chic and stylish, hihi...


  1. Nice to hear a second opinion that hard objects are important to manicure their nails, maybe for teeth too.

    1. Aw, yes, they're very important! :-) Even crutial, I'd say. Additionaily, Nutka builds some crazy constructions with them. You should have seen her dragging the sticks all over the place! :-D


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