Wednesday, 29 October 2014


As unexpected (and wonderful!) as it may seem, Nutka's voyage has been canceled. I was watching over her that night, looking at her getting more and more dizzy and weak, as if drunk, more and more cold with this inner cold oh! I know too well... Then I had this most awful conversation with our vet that - maybe - we should start to consider helping her get through... I decided to wait and Nutka finally - about 3 A.M. - quietly fell asleep, as if reliefed, so I also took a nap. In the morning I rushed to check her. Imagine my surprise when I found her trotting in the cage, hoarding, grooming, eating, as if nothing ever happened! She even demanded some treats from me and played with my hand.

I called the vet to pass the happy news. This most kind woman explained to me that it's quite possible that Nutka suffered from some kind of a soft stroke (just like human happen to do) or any other kind of a temporary collapse that she fought with a little bit of glucose I gave her. She's almost two years old now, it's quite an age as for the hamster. The vet told me to provide Nutka with peace and comfort but - honestly - she doesn't act like she needed any. She's herself again: vivid, always busy, always in a hurry. I know what I saw that night but it's hard to trust a memory when you see her like this right now. As if nothing ever happened, as if my prayers were heard and Nutka was granted by Saint Roch and Saint Francis the next spring of her life. I tore her ticket and ate it ;-)


  1. Nice to hear this good news. I made a similar experience, thats why I was recommending the honey ^^. When a hamster of mine was old and very weak one day, I gave him a bowl of water with a drop of honey mixed in. Next day everything was fine again. It's also possible the weakness was caused by a lack of water. Maybe the need of water is decreasing when they get older, similar to older humans. Hard to know what really causes the weakness.

    1. Good to know. Nutka's always drank very little (few drops of water a day, maybe). It seems that all the water she needs she gains from the fresh vegetables I give her every day. I noticed that because it's so different behaviour to the previous behaviour of my Lilly and Kro - they both drunk tones of water! Later I've been told that it was because they both had multicystic liver desease. Thirst is one of the symptoms. The good news is Nutka doesn't share this disease for sure.

    2. P.S. You know what...? Thank you for being here with me for all of those fluffy years :*)


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