Thursday, 18 December 2014


Today is a strange day for me. I feel like I'm still waving goodbye although the spaceship disappeared above the clouds long time ago (crossing Santa's trail, maybe). Today one little world has ended. And it was my Nutka's world. I saw it comming but you never can be prepared properly for their departure, can you... For the last few weeks that we've been granted, she enjoyed her hamster life mildly. A noble old lady attached to her habits. A little bit of hoarding, a little bit of building - that's what she always appreciated most. Her nest was the apple of her eye so when I saw it neglected one day - I simply knew the time was comming. During the last few days everything became an effort. Walking. Eating. Even the most favourite treats. I had to feed them nearly into her mouth... The veterinarian diagnosis this morning was simple and short: old age. Respiratory problems began and the partial paralysis of limbs made walking almost impossible. I had like 3 seconds to make a decision. The decision. But - to be honest - it's been taken long time ago, during the sleepless nights spent next to her cage, with her. I would never cause my dearest Nutka more pain than it's absolutely necessary. So in my heart I sung her a lullaby... 

...and The Injection Of Relief was done. 

You will be most missed my little black angel...

Every minute spent with you was a precious one. 

I hope Lilly and Kro are going to take a good care of you and teach you how to lick the rainbow.



  1. I am so sorry for your loss of Nutka... she was very well loved by you; I can tell by all of your past posts. I'll be thinking about you!

    1. Thank you, dear Aimee, for your silent presence... It wasn't the best moment for such a loss. It never is, but just before Christmas... You know. It's getting even worse.

  2. This makes me sad too ;-( I wish you all the best. When I'm thinking about hamsters short lifespan, I often have to think about the following words out of the movie "Blade Runner" :

    1. These words are so true... Such a sweet little creatures and such a fragile... What a man can do...? You love them anyway, despite of all the tears it costs you in the (every next) end.


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