Sunday, 19 January 2014


It's windy, it's cloudy and it's dark outside. Prolonged lack of sunlight bothers me more each day. There are few things that make me happy. Nutka is one of them and now clearly I can see she's getting elder. She also seems to suffer from the winter depression. Most of the time she spends in her nest and if she comes out, it's only when she's got something delicious to hoard or... when she's on heat and looks for the company. She also moves much more slowly than she used to. There's one advantage - I managed to take a nice photo of her:

Isn't she lovely...? :-)

Yes, that's true, I was desperate and set a trap made of fresh grains (after half a year of trials, I'm not ashamed of this 'cheating'). And yes, she swallowed the bait like a little fish. Now I've got at least two clear pictures of that little devil ;-)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


It's still very cold outside and I can't even open the window not to harm my hammie. I can see she's nearly bored to death, so I keep on bringing more and more new things to her cage. She's already got many new willow and hazel sticks, since she loves to gnaw on them and arrange them in many different ways near her burrow. I also bought a wooden panel and ladder for her to climb on. Last but not least, she got a little birch stump, empty inside, ideal for many purposes, such as: sitting on it, hiding or storing food and ripping the bark of it.

Nutka seems to be very glad and visibly enjoys all of the improvements. The stump became her favourite place to sit and observe what's going on in the room. No wonder. She's after anything what's natural and smells the nature :-)