LILLY (I 2011 - II 2012) 
Lil' Lilly. My first hamster ever. She tought me everything I know about having one. Shy but trusting, timid but curious, fragile but brave and gentle as a lamb she turned out to be greater blessing we could ever imagine. Unforgetable. The one and only. She opened my eyes to small wonders. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't blog and create all of those funny movies and pics. She's the one who was in the first WANTED LOVED logo and always will be in our hearts. Nighty night, my sweet little Lilly.

KROPKA (XI 2011- III 2013) 
Kropeczka The Little Piratess. Great individuality and  the sweetest companion of my sleepless nights. Despite of the lack of an eye, she stuffed her life into her cheekpouches with both her little hands. There was nothing she couldn't do. She was the best pain killer ever. Funny but clever, faster than the lightning, curious and trusting, she was the true fluffie toughie till the very end. It took one look at her to smile. My little freak. My dearest friend. If I only could, I would keep you in my arms forever. RIP.


NUTKA (I 2013 - XII 2014)
If Nutka was one of the seven dwarfs she would be the grumpy one. But - oh! - her charm was undeniable. Although I met her under the nickname of 'Little Devil' to me she's always acted like a true little angel she was. I'll never forget the first time I spotted her. And every other time we spent together after I took her home. She became part of my life like the love she gave back. She had her own world, always knew better and... hated kisses. The hoarder. The builder. The housekeeper. You will be most missed...